Anti-inflammatory supplements that are “safe”

Hi guys,

Any one have any go-to supplements that fight inflammation that would be considered “safe” for us? I am trying to go on an anti-inflammatory diet and also maybe add a few supplements to the mix.

Thanks in advance

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Hi man I’ve been down that route along with keto diet… I tried many herbs but I think the natural route is too less potent

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VitC, fishoil

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Fish oil is not safe. Most antioxidants are DHT blocker. Only safe that i know is vitamin C

What people experience when a supplement is not “safe”?
and how long those bad symptoms take to appear after the first ingestion?

Fuck all supplements, crush a finger sized ginger and finger sized turmeric and mix the crushed juice of both. I drink it as the first thing in morning and then in evening before dinner. This reduced my inflammation and burning sensation within 2-3 days.

Vitamin C ain’t good if someone has hyperthyroidism symptoms, like me. It can raise the absorption of thyroxine. It did this to me.

Oh really? My TSH is kinda low side, and i drink tons of vit C. Gotta check it out. Thanks!

Any results on brain fog from that?

No idk if it works for brain fog, but it definitely worked for my inflammation and burning sensation in the body. Right now my physical symptoms are unbearable, terrible lethargy and muscle weakness. Mentally i am better.

Not good if ur Free T4 is already high. It can give hyperthyroidism symptoms.

it actually is, but I don’t have any symptoms tho.

Just ordered glucosamine hopefully to reduce joint pain. It’s anti-inflammatory. Is it safe? Probably? I dunno.

I didn’t have symptoms either. My free T4 was already high but Vit C raised the absorption and it gave me all the symptoms.

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Try Wobenzym and eat a lot of high quality omega 3 fatty acids, no gluten, sugar/carbs etc.