Another user diagnosed with pudendal neuropathy

I am sad to say that I also is now diagnosed with pudendal nerve neuropathy(PN/PNE). I was diagnosed at a pelvic clinic with a pudendal nerve latency test. I have had pain since I quit almost a year ago, but the pain become much worse in August. My main symptomes are awful pain i coccyx, shooting/stabbing pain like I get 230 volts in the groin and a feeling like I have a real bad sunburn in the perineum and buttocks, I sometimes feel extreme coldness instead though…
I was thinking of going to France to get the diagnose this summer and I might try to go just to get a second opinion.

My doc wants me to do a nerve block to see if it helps…I am loosing my job these days and probably the wife soon…every day is pain…and there is not much to do about it…there is surgery but the success rate is very low, and some do even get worse…

I urge you all that has some kind of pain down there or sexual problem do try to get your pudendal nerve tested…because it causes a whole bunch of different symptoms that easly get confused with cpps/prostatitis. Why is it important to get a diagnose? because if you have this issue there is a lot of stuff you should not do, because you will get worse like stretching is a no…no…I sadly did this a couple of months before my diagnose and I am now even worse.

This is a fucking nightmare…I am lost…dunno what to do…me and the doc really can not understand how quitting a drug can give neuropathy…yes some drugs can cause this like chemo therapy drugs, but then you get the damage when you are on the drug…not when you stop?

I am having some dark thoughts these days…


I probably have it too. I have pain running from my low left abdomen to left testicle. It is not very bad, but it didn’t get any better in the 10 years that I quit the drug. I believe that most of us in this situation will eventually have to get a penile implant.

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Anything new in this arena ?

Is there any treatment for pudendal neuropathy ?

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This is misdiagnosed a lot, I was misdiagnosed with PN as well

No idea that’s why I bumped it to see if there’s anything addressing it

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You really can’t make a blanket statement like that without knowing every possible thing

That sounds grim as fuck man