Another recovery on Reddit (SSRI)


He says he is %60 back. Has anyone used this “inostiol”?


Im sorry to say this, but after reading those recovery complications i feel more confused and sad. It differs so much that i really started to think that if those people were crazy or not. Some use pelvic floor theraphy to recover? Some use inostiol? Some use vitamins? PFS and PAS recoveries were had a common structure, such as androgenic supplements and drugs. But i know they do differ too, maybe not much as post SSRI.


Looks like vitamin B8? It’s easy enough to get but I don’t recall hearing about using it for pfs before

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There’s also always the possibility that some stories are just people getting better with time, though by taking whatever supplement they attribute it to the supplement rather than just waiting. It makes thjnhs even more complicated to try to decide what to try.


@Ozeph takes inositol for sleep I believe


That person is a little confusing
He posted that 25 days ago…

posted 4 hours ago - “I’m fucked I lost my libido to complete zero drive. I have yet to find someone who is cured from this”

3 hours ago - “Currently there is no cure for this , I’m stuck and don’t know what to do”


Yes I do use Inusitol (Vitamin B8). 4 gr (1 tsp) before bed and I keep 2 gr (1/2 tsp) in a glass without water in case I wake up during the night. It puts me back to sleep. It’s not a knock out remedy, it just helps.

It’s not a miracle cure for me, but it does 2 things: it deepens the sleep I get (and puts me back to sleep if I wake up) and it clears up the fat from the liver. Considering I eat at least 1/4 cup of saturated fat a day, that’s a good thing. I made it part of my regimen for months and wouldn’t do without it.

Plus it has some effects on the CNS and the brain, like most Vitamin B.


Have you tried upping the dose? It seems the 2 PSSD improvements that came from it was around 18g a day. Also did it have any effect on erectile quality.


I haven’t tried. I don’t have erectile problems if sex drive is high, and I get that more from Dopamine (L-Dopa) and from herbs like Pine Pollen , Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat.

I’ll try to stabilize first and then maybe I’ll increase the dose.

My problem now is more anxiety, showing up in the afternoon and evening and that’s since I tried tapering off benzodiazepine. It seems I’ll have to stick with the drug for now.


I used 12g of inositol a day for a month with no benefits.