Another MIT study on ATCC 6475 Lactobacillus reuteri Probiotic Bacteria Induce a ‘Glow of Health’

What dosage were you taking for how many consecutive days? Sometimes the body needs time to adjust, you see histamine playing a role in regulating sleep. I’ve also taken things that have knocked me out and zapped my energy to the point where I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Which isn’t too cool either.

Just one tablet of BioGaia Gastrus was enough to cause extreme insomnia for a few days.

Really? and here I am taking 10 billion a day. I guess I’ll see how it goes. I have quite a few more thoughts on histamine I’ll post later.

Thanks for the warning. Perhaps it may have been the other strain that comes with BioGaia Gastrus?

Perhaps a person could look at antihistamines used for insomnia and sleep aid. They rapidly become ineffective due to a person becoming tolerant. Maybe the opposite could be true as well. A tolerance to histamine. The fact that you had such a response could be more telling. Not sure though.

Just to update this a little bit, this is a good image right here. Again these effects are strain specific.
One jumps out the most right now with some things Ive been looking at, and thats histamine receptor 2 activation. Also looking at methylation, you can see how certain bacteria could play a very direct role. This one for example produces b12 and folate.

Also, “the vasodilation of human dorsal penile artery induced by histamine seems to be mainly mediated by muscular histamine H2 receptors”

Role of Lactobacillus reuteri in Human Health and Diseases

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hows it going so far with this? you said histamine receptor, does it help you with digestion? brain fog?

has anyone else tried?

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I wish I could tell you something definitive. I really can’t yet, but based on what i’ve seen I’m compelled to go at this until I can realize this myself.

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Is BioGaia Osfortis pretty readily available, like could I buy it in Walgreen’s or CVS or something, or is Amazon my best bet?

I’ve used BioGaia Protectis for the past 4-5 months after reading about it on another thread here. The first few 2-3 days I took it there was a noticeable surge in libido and erection quality. That tapered off after a few days but my overall digestion has been much better while on it. Curious what the extra strains in the Osfortis will do.

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It’s the same strain titled here just 100x more potent. 10 billion daily dose as opposed to 100 million is it? Quite strange they offer both products now.
I’ve actually upped my dose to 20 billion a day for the time being.
They used 10 billion every day for a year in a trial for womens Bone health, that’s where this supplement comes from.

Just throwing down some notes here. Ironically Baylor has been doing some studies on this bacteria.

L. reuteri-Mediated Immunomodulation

novel strains of probiotics that can be safely administered to effectively prevent or even treat gastrointestinal inflammation in the near future.

1.Targeted approach: rsiR

  •  RsiR may modulate TNF-inhibitory histamine production through regulation of hdc cluster gene expression

2.Global approach: eriC

  •  Inactivation of eriC resulted in loss of TNF suppressive activity, decreased expression of genes in the hdc gene cluster and diminished amounts of TNF-inhibitory histamine

  •  EriC may play a role in relieving the inside-negative membrane potential that accumulates during histidine decarboxylation.

Separate study, but could be related

Histamine induces MUC5AC expression via a hCLCA1 pathway.

Histamine upregulated MUC5AC gene expression and mucin protein production in a dose-dependent and time-related fashion.

and finally, cant remember if I posted this already? Again from Baylor.

Microbial-based treatment reverses social deficits in mouse models of autism

Lactobacillus reuteri leads to specific changes in the brain that restore social behaviors through a mechanism that involves the vagus nerve and the oxytocin-dopamine reward system.

We and others have previously shown that Lactobacillus reuteri increases oxytocin levels in the brain, but we didn’t know the channel of communication by which this microbe affects the brain. In this research, we determined that the vagus nerve and the oxytocin-dopamine reward system were both necessary for the social behaviors to be restored. When we cut the vagus nerve, the treatment with the bacteria had no effect. When we prevented the oxytocin to bind to its receptors in the specific brain area involved in social reward, the bacteria was not able to have an effect either. So L. reuteri needed both the vagus nerve and the oxytocin receptors to restore the behavior.

this probiotic looks interesting.

want to try it to see if it helps with digestion at the very least. but so many people report other benefits its very intriguing.

Any changes? @guitarman01

I try to take any mental aspect out of this thought and look for something real.
I was at the dentist the other day and the hygienist said my gum tissue looked really healthy and hardly bled on probing. This normally isnt the case for me, I might post something on this soon.I believe my vision has become a little less sensitive to light.
Thats it for now.
There’s also what some might perceive as negative effect, but I push through things maybe more then some in an effort to learn more.
I plan on to keep going with this for now. its been a little over 2 months.
To put things in perspective even a hard core drug like Accutane is normally a 16 to 30 week course.

Hi @guitarman01, any updates? How has the L. Reuteri doses you’ve been taking affected you? Anything worthy to report? Still trying to find the link to buy the 10billion dose that you’ve mentioned, I’m in the US. Which should I buy?

As someone whose main symptom is insomnia, the 100 million CFU version i.e. Gastrus already gives me horrible hellish insomnia and some hives but YMMV.

I am using BioGaia Protectis which contains the other strain of L. Reuteri at 100 million CFU. I got it for my serious constipation but I am almost done with it and I think it was a waste of money.

So maybe you could barely tolerate the histamine producing strain, but the non histamine producing strain you barely noticed?
Your gi issues are a big deal to me too I’ll get back to you on some thoughts on that. BTW have you ever tried a h2 blocker?

I am fairly sure I read once that l.reuteri does not survive in a retinol deficient environment, maybe I’m mistaken, but makes you start to wonder what’s happening now.
Have you read this as well? I’m not sure if it need retinol or retinoic acid to survive.

No, I can’t tolerate the histamine producing strain at all, unfortunately. I felt effects like increased libido, increased penile sensitivity, mental calmness with it so it’s a real shame.

The non-histamine producing strain though I still have yet to notice it making any difference. It sure didn’t do anything for my constipation.

I haven’t tried any H2 blockers, luckily. I’ve used PPIs in the past for mild acid reflux which hadn’t come back.

I do look forward your thoughts regarding my GI issues.

I had a ct scan of my abdominal area from a gi doc and the only thing they found was alot of reason to recommend Miralax.
Id also keep this test in mind, ive tested positive for this antibody.
acetylcholine ganglionic neuronal antibody

Autoimmune GI dysmotility: A new direction

“if the immune system can cause inflammation of the optic nerve, spinal cord or cerebral cortex, then why can’t it cause a problem with the gut? After all, the gut contains 100 million neurons — more than the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system.”

Immunotherapy trial as diagnostic test in evaluating patients with presumed autoimmune gastrointestinal dysmotility
Ganglionic AChR antibodies are proven to cause AGID in active and passive immunization animal models

Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation, Serum
The most commonly encountered autoantibody marker of autoimmune dysautonomia is the neuronal ganglionic alpha-3-acetylcholine receptor (AChR) autoantibody. This autoantibody to date is the only proven effector of autoimmune dysautonomia

Regarding 6475, it activates h1 and h2 receptors, but supposedly blocks inflammatory h1 effects by a metabolite the bacteria produces.


BioGaia’s L. reuteri strains have anti-inflammatory effects

Production of histamine is the prerequisite for one mode of action

L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475, 5289 and 4659 can produce histamine

L. reuteri DSM 17938 can’t produce histamine
Histamine production and anti-inflammatory effects

L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 (6475) can produce histamine in the intestine

In the cell membrane of epithelial cells you find 4 different histamine receptors,
of which the first two are key receptors in inflammation

When histamine binds to H1R, inflammation is induced

When histamine binds to H2R, inflammation is reduced

6475 can also produce the enzyme diacyl-glycerol kinase, DagK

DagK degrades diacyl-glycerol in the cell wall of the epithelial cells and thereby blocks the pro-inflammatory pathway connected to the H1R

The histamine that binds to H2R, results in a reduced inflammation

^This is immunosuppression. I have thought more of this being a bad thing in our case initially though, so im still careful about this.

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