Another look at Adrenal Fatigue


Let me start off by saying that I’m not a scientist. The best I can offer for the time being are theories backed by personal anecdotal experiences.

While there seems to be symptoms a majority of us share, we all took different doses for different periods of time. All of our bodies respond differently to the damage caused. Some of us may also be damaged to different extents.

I don’t believe adrenal fatigue is the cause of pfs, but I think it may stand in the way of us healing. I haven’t yet been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, but my blood pressure and glucose mirror adrenal fatigue.

Some other reasons I believe my cortisol is high is because of my fat gain. I’ve always been slim and could eat without gaining weight. I noticed about a 15 pound gain since taking finasteride over 2 months. I’ve lost about 10 pounds by eating less. My body is still able to gain weight easily. When I did lose the weight it didn’t come off of my stomach. Which is where I gained weight.

On top of this, I have noticed that walking up stairs puts me out of breath. This would’ve never happened to me. I can run a mile in under 7 minutes. Something isn’t right here.

Another interesting note, since I’ve always been slightly underweight no matter how much I body build or eat, I would speculate that my thyroid stimulating hormone was highly active keeping my weight low. Now my tsh hormone is on the lower end of what’s considered normal.

I read that cortisol and adrenal fatigue can cause the body to want to eat more. When I was on finasteride I eat regular meals that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the discipline to do. I also read that cortisol sends messages to the body to store fat regardless how much you’re eating. It our survival instinct saying that there is a problem and we need to preserve food. This could explain my lack of fat loss even while I have lost weight.

I also noticed my cheeks under my eyes were flush red which is another sign of stress and cortisol. Since the past 4 months of being off finasteride that flushing has gone away.

I’m currently looking for an endo who will measure cortisol, estrogen, and thyroid problems.

I don’t think this is the root of everyone’s problems and it may not be the root of mine either. Adrenal fatigue mirrors symptoms of pfs. Like I said everyone probably has differing sets of problems. So some may see little improvement from trying to treat adrenal fatigue while others could experience a good recovery. I don’t want to discount anyone who is going through a rough time.

Even if adrenal fatigue isn’t the underlying cause for most of us it still isn’t healthy. I don’t think much harm could come from trying to solve adrenal fatigue. I’m not a doctor though.

My hope for this post is to spark a conversation. Adrenal fatigue has most likely been apart of my pfs as much as it may not be apart of yours. For some this could be what prevents their body from eventually healing overtime. I could be so far from the truth on this. I do think that my increased fat content and fatigue could be solved if I can get cortisol under control.

I’ll keep everyone posted if I get test results back and attempt to treat this.

I haven’t had a crash, sleep symptoms, or mental cognition problems.

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Hey man.

I have identical symptoms caused by high cortisol. It also affects my sleep and gives me spikes in blood sugar which cause my to feel wired throughout the day which isn’t pleasant at all. You say it hasn’t affected your sleep at all?


I’ve expected adrenal fatigue for years and took the 24 hour saliva cortisol test which showed low levels all day. Doctors won’t do anything about it though because my urine and blood cortisol tests show normal. Fatigue is my worst symptom. I wake up every morning exhausted regardless of how much I slept.


I haven’t yet had sleep problems. I’ve always been a pretty emotionless guy so I don’t know if my brain is wired different and that would explain my lack of brain symptoms. We’ll see what the future holds with this crap. I had such a great life before this. I really never even cared a lot about hair loss. This drug was sold to me as a mild, low risk solution.

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I believe that PFS is adrenal fatigue. I believe the endocrine crashes just makes the recovery longer.
I believe that a single T shot will stop the crashes and allow people to proceed with the recovery.


Adrenal fatigue doesn’t make your dick numb


I had a single T shot and I am not recovering.


A single T shot is the start of the recovery.

It stops you from having the endocrine crashes.

The rest of the recovery is on my post

My program consists of a single 250mg T shot at the very beginning to either stop the endocrine crashes from happening again or prevent them from happening in the first place.

After that it is then down to diet, exercise, hot baths, meditation and semen retention.

The program consists of

Heating up the kidneys everyday. This can be done by taking a hot shower to your back for about 20 mins, a hot bath or with cardio exercise. I find that gentle cardio exercise on a cross trainer with a sweat jacket for 45 minutes every day works the best for me. If you are taking a hot bath or hot shower to your kidney region, you will notice that your heart will start beating faster after about 20 mins or so. It will calm down again as soon as you finish. No need to worry about it. I also keep a hot water bottle placed at my lower back when i am watching T.V. for about 1hr also. ( Seriously try this yourself to see if it works for you.)

I practice meditation everyday, i generally do 45mins in the morn and 45mins at bedtime. I also practice mindfulness and say mantras to myself if my emotions are getting to strong in either direction, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Another thing that works for me if my emotions are running high, i just sit still in a chair and close my eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to keep your mind as calm as you can to progress your recovery each day. Mood management is really important for your recovery.

Diet is important for your recovery each day also. There are certain things that you must avoid such as alcohol, spicy food, caffeine and sugary foods. High fiber foods and fruit and vegetables are good to combat constipation. Give your body foods that are not too taxing for your digestive system. If your daily stools are quite lumpy or type 2 on the Bristol Stool Chart, you need to add more fruits and vegetables.

Semen retention. I limit ejaculations to twice a month.

Acupuncture is also very good , but not mandatory, if you do enough meditation you can get by without it.

I have seen great progress with this and have seen dramatic improvements mentally, physically and sexually and continue to improve.

When doing the program correctly i can get up to 10 spontaneous erections daily as well as really good morning wood along with good sleep with dreams. As well as a good mood and increased ability to deal with stress.

It took me a long time to build up to this level in my recovery, that is because i had so many crashes.

If i just got the T shot right away when i lost all wood ( morn, daytime, evening ) and had watery ejaculate, i would have saved myself a lot of time and not had to experience those horrible crashes.

My crashes were all the same , major panic attack for about 45 mins so severe that i was struggling to breathe followed by severe suicidal depression for about 72 hrs and the feeling that my head was stuck in a vice afterwards for about 2 weeks.

These crashes are to be avoided at all costs.