Another finasteride story.


I started with Proscar 1mg/day early 2006 to combat my hair loss along with growth stimulants, as minoxidil solutions - rogaine/Regine.
At that point, I was 20 years old and ready to fight off this plague that had bothered most of the my male relatives.

I took my precautions, went to the doctor, had his advice on the matter - he didn’t want to prescribe this drug to a fairly young and well hormone balanced male.
My preparations was complete, I was a frequent poster at a big hair loss forum, we all share our experiences on different boards right?
This time around I cared much about my genetic hair loss so I spent alot of time around there. (I still do, in hope for a cure)
Meds are fine I heard, if you get sides, fight through it… It will eventually get better, I thought.

Let’s just say I understand my doctor very well this day…

3 months into Propecia my life was literally turn upside down, my dick was practically limp and flaccid all day, and the worst part was I didn’t really care for it, since my sex drive more or less had ceased to exist.
The ejaculations was all watery and there was no pleasure in it.
I could not focus in school, my brain was all out of focus.
Had trouble sleeping at night, didn’t eat much either…
Experienced my first real period of depression along with anxiety, everything felt like a challenge I couldn’t deal with simple things in life such as communication with strangers.
Stuttering/stammering also became a reality for me.

I literally felt like a child, my balls was gone(no guts) and was afraid of everything.

Developed gynecomastia over this period, yes bitch tits.
Never felt so broken before.

Now, 3 years later I can’t say I’m all recovered, but the poison is no longer in my veins.
I guess my dick is ok, morning woods are absent along with spontanous erections, it can be summoned upon need tho - weaker than before ofcourse.

Still feel anxiety, but not nearly as strong as before. The depression is gone. Brain fog gone.

Stacking up cash for surgery.


So you’ve been off of finasteride for 3 years? I hope you continue to get better.


what happened to your gyn(tits) and sperm? recovered?
and how did you recover, was it in cycles?


I’ve been off for 3 years yes, recently discovered this site.
Thanks, I hope to gather as much info in the recoveries forum to be as I once was :slight_smile:

Well, my doc said they would eventually return to normal but they haven’t, still puffy and uncomfortable, looks pretty much like a early teenage girl, can’t bring myself to wear a t-shirt outside as things are now.
So I decided to do surgery as soon as possible.

My sperm is OK I think, haven’t tested it but looks decent I guess… howto jugde sperm anyhow heheh.
It is not as watery as before luckily and I can feel more pleasure in orgasms now.

Can’t really remember how my body recovered but I think it was gradually, felt better week by week.
What I really miss is the nite/morning woods, frequent erections etc.

I’ve come a long way since I quit.



What kind of surgery is it you’re considering doing?

Also, regarding the way your chest looks. Resistance weight training will turn that into muscle. It won’t come easy, but if you are willing to take the time and put in the effort you can definitely change that to muscle.

You are the first person that I have heard of that mentioned their dr was concerned about them taking propecia. He must be a good a doctor. God knows those are hard to come by.


Hey bosto!
The surgery I am considering is pretty much the same as many bodybuilders do after they’ve been into steriods and such.
It’s the expanded mammary glands wich are visible, there’s no fat.

I’ve done weight&cardio training for many years and considered pretty fit and healthy, nothing wrong with my fat percentage, pecs and sixpack.
Thanks for the thought however :slight_smile:

My doctor is a good one yes, being slick bald himself he understood the issue but wouldn’t prescribe propecia at any cost.
He also told me that the cure for hairloss was near and the answer wasn’t inhibiting androgens.


First day into broccoli treatment, will post updates every week or so how it goes.

Other things I’ve discovered recently that helps: zink 35mg and high intake of boiled eggs, 3+ each day. I read on bodybuilder forums that eggs naturally induces more production of testoterone due to levels colehesterol in the egg.
Cholesterol is necessary for the body to produce testosterone, I might’ve been a little low on that to begin with.


How was the sleeping issue? this is what i am having problem, mild hot flash.


Trouble getting quality sleep, like I haven’t slept at all and felt dead tired in the mornings.

The last year have been such a rollercoaster with the side effects, I could go weeks with a clear head and quality life then suddenly BAM relapse into fucking oblivion. This is such a retarded condition which I am very, very tired of.

I can say that the broccoli treatment worked somehow, couple of nights I had a raging boner (long time no see friend) that waked me up, this was ofcourse very pleasant. Sadly, the next day it would be gone.
People here seems skeptic about zink, for me it works and I will continue to pop some pills every evening with magnesium.

Added melotonin to adress sleeping and it may or may not have worked, I’ve had good sleep but that could also be a effect of increased daily exercise. More cardio&weights with greater intensity.
Added Penile Exercises to adress the limp meat, mainly jelqs and kegels, for premium pecker health.

18th of february is my next appointment with my doc, time to recheck the hormonal status, hopefully with 3 adiol-G and a fertility test.

Someday I’ll post in the recovery section… yeah


I’m 100% sure you are not supposed to get morning erections and happy days all the time. At least I didn’t before finasteride. Morning erections very much depend of the sleep quality.