Anonymous user's theory: DHT treatment to increase 5AR2 expression


What are you doing for PCT?


It’s the same PCT here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3684&start=120


If you took the Proviron on Saturday, when would you start feeling the positive effects on average (day/time), and when would they subside? Would the effects taper on and taper off over days or hours, or were the changes felt fairly sudden?


I started feeling the positive effects right after my first dose. They would last the first completly through the week. Next Saturday would roll around, and I would take another dose (75mg) and would still feel good. After about 3-4 weeks I started shutting down, then when I took a dose I got brain fog and all the other signs of T shudown i.e., small balls, low hanging, bad attitude, etc. I thought about lowering the dose to just 25mg a week, but havent tried it. I tried the Andro Hard and experienced that same effects after a couple of weeks.


Hi, new to the site, have found a lot of interesting information, but one thing i keep coming across is people talking about ‘hpta shutdown’…

If a treatment is working, why not continue it and deal with hpta shutdown directly. Mesterolone, Masteron, Test will all shut you down eventually, even at quite modest doses, so why not use HCG to keep the HPTA functioning? HPTA shutdown is something that is very easily overcome. That way you could keep using whatever treatment is working…

Again, I’m new, so please forgive me if I’ve missed something.



HCG will shut u down too. when you will stop it , ur LH and FSH will be at ground.


sorry, reference?


one asnswer is just search old threads and u will find alot of posts by Hypo-is-here and he repeatedly said HCG does cause shut down.

from wikipedia

If hCG is used for too long and in too high a dose, the resulting rise in natural testosterone will eventually inhibit its own production via negative feedback on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

and now from Messo

Just got back from the fertility doctor and his assumption after talking about what I’ve done with steroids and how my several blood test results came back - is that my use (or abuse, rather) of HCG throughout my last cycle has done something to cause my hypothalamus from sending the gnrh hormone to my pituitary. They (my primary care physician and an endocrinologist( did MRIs and everything to find out if something was wrong with my pituitary (thought I had a pituitary adenoma - scared the shit out of me) but it seems to be fine. My testes are fine. My sperm is fine.

I just want to share this experience with anyone who thinks about taking HCG. It may be great for you, but there are risks too. I wish I could do it over again and just stick to nolva for PCT and let my body come back to homeostasis on its own.

All previous cycles were fine. I bounced back easily. This last one has messed me up for a lifetime and the ONLY difference between this and the others is that I used HCG.

your better read complete thread … 302-2.html


I have posted two studies that say that HCG is beneficial to ur balls but that does not mean it does not cause any damage to ur pitutary or hypo. any exogeneous harmone or pre-hormone, Testo, HDT, LH or FSH will disturb your HPTA loop in a negative way period. that is what I have learned so far. If any body can prove it other wise I will be happy.



As an LH analog, I guess it probably would leave you shut down when you stopped, but I wasn’t suggesting you stop.

From what I have read, the only major problems from HCG use are leydig cells in the testes becoming desensitized to LH (or LH analogs as well) OR increased production of estradiol and progesterone in the testes. However, these happen ONLY with large doses. 250 IU 2 or 3 times per week would avoid all of those problems. I have been using it for years with no problems (currently 100 iu per day sub-q.)

Also, the thread from the meomorphosis forum-- I personally would put VERY little stock in the anecdotal report of a single steroid user who is experiencing shut down after a cycle, regardless of pct-- there are just too many variables, and too much contradictory evidence re: hcg use- info worthless imo.


ok you are doing well that is great. Now

1- when did u do blood test last time and what were ur values? LH, FSH and TT and free T?
2-r u feeling Estrogen effects? what r u doing to counter it?
3-how is ur over all improvements? general health, sex health.




I’m on TRT, so LH/FSH values are not tested anymore… I believe LH was slightly low before I started TRT several years ago (started HCG monotherapy at 1000iu 4x a week at advise of an idiot doc… didnt really work, and e2 was through the roof of course. Now on 150 mg Test enanthate/ wk-- TT/FT both about 25% over top of lab range-- feel better now than with in-range values.)

Regarding estrogen, it’s tricky… I take arimidex, but crash quite easily after a few weeks, even on micro-dosed 1/8 mg per week, so I’m still trying to find the right dose, and am thinking of other methods of e2 control as its becoming a bit of a pain. I’m going to try adding DHT cream, so maybe that will change the AI equation. General/sexual health generally ok, except for e2 crashes. I’ve been off fin for about 4.5 years now, after taking it for 6 years, btw… feeling much better but it has been a long, slow, frustrating process with a lot of experimenting.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread, I was just curious why people are concerned about hpta shutdown, when, imo, it doesn’t need to be an issue. Also, wasn’t suggesting info from steroid users is useless, as I’ve learned loads from them- I just think you have to be careful about drawing inferences from reports such as the one mentioned.


just wanted to let you know that i took 50 25mg tables of proviron over around a10 day period. My main symtoms post finasteride are low libido, no hairloss, loss of back acne and more fat on the hips. The proviron may have made a very small difference, nothing major. My penis may have felt a little less numb while on it. But nothing major.

I then took half a tablet of clomid, and think i started to feel good but realized clomid and nolvadex can cause cancer and genetic damage so I stopped taking it.


Were you doing this under a doctors supervision? Just wondering.


It sounds like you would have had better luck with Androhard. They are discontinuing it though, so if you’d like to try it, you’d better hurry. I’m quite dissappointed about this, as AH makes my sexual function almost perfect, from my head to my cock.




Has anyone tried Anonymous’s protocol of supra physiological amounts of DHT?


only 2-3 guys tried this or am i wrong?!


Have you continued using 6 oxo?


Yea the cycling of high-levels of DHT once a week seems really promising. Would Creatine work for this?

Can a medical doctor (or someone who knows what’s going on) look again at what the original anonymous poster was saying? This guys seems right on point. Who here has actually had some improvement with intermittent DHT supplementation.

I feel like the guy was trying to give us some secrets, almost like he had personal knowledge of how Finasteride works, let’s keep chasing this!!