Androgens increase excitatory neurogenic potential in human brain organoids


Interesting research


Unless it came out of PFS Magazine I doubt it applies to us.

You are a old man. I believe you have more experience than me. Do you know what I’m thinking?
After the initial collapse, I came to this forum for the sole purpose of seeking comfort and frantically venting my sadness and pain. I do the same in the real world, constantly explaining and complaining.
What did I get? The uncontrollable anxiety caused by PFS and the additional anxiety I may add by doing so, I’m about to explode.
What’s the point? I just feel like I’ve become a poor and annoying guy.
Life doesn’t end for me. I don’t want to give up my job for this damn pill. It’s not fun to speak in front of the whole school with suicidal tendencies, severe brain fog, blurred vision, severe anxiety and dizziness,but I did it.
If I can have enough social security like those retired elderly people in developed countries, I think I will be very “happy”. Unfortunately, I am still struggling for my pension.
“I doubt it applies to us”—so what apply to us?Must it only be PFS magazine?I don’t think so.
Science, as long as it is all science related to our condition, CRISPR, mRNA, androgen receptor, gene expression regulation, and so on,These things that can bring us hope apply to us.Instead of screwing up someone’s mood.
Many people suffer and die every day in the world. We are so rare and a drop in the ocean that we are unlikely to get the care of others except our families and some kind-hearted people, because they don’t owe us anything. In the final analysis, we screwed ourselves up.
When I “can” realize that my post can’t make any contribution to the community, I rarely post. I just post this post to share a little “Hope”. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, I won’t post it in the future. I’ll go to bed, play games, watch Mitch’s movies, do my best to work and donate money to pH, Until Mitch said, "Hey, friends, come to XXX for a trip. We have found a cure. It’s time to get back the vertical rooster (cock):chicken:!”, That’s why I live. It’s so simple. There’s no other choice.

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Well I look like one now, thanks PFS.

Those things that have been observed in a PFS affected body.