Androgens Fiddling Question - Steroids vs Tribulus

Not sure this is even the right category but just wanted some thoughts on my own thinking.

Tried Apr’s mediherb tribulus (as a lot of us did I’m sure) to see what happened and I felt like shit on it. I think sulforaphane THEN tribulus made me feel less shit but still not great. Definitely didn’t feel better on it that’s for sure. Blood test and dht levels were normal at the time too.

Lots of us wondered that I felt bad because increasing androgens makes some of us feel bad, so I took it as probably likely and put it down to that. However, I did notice R-Andro DIDN’T make me feel crappy. In fact, didn’t feel much of anything on it. I’d have assumed that would also have made me feel bad if increasing androgens did.

To put it bluntly, I’m going to be injecting test into my ass for a blast cycle soon, and I’m wondering if test doesn’t make me feel like shit but tribulus still does in future, does that mean it’s not the increase of androgens from tribulus that’s “doing the magic” (or the opposite) in PFS? Anyone follow my rambling there?

Thanks all.

Trib increases estrogen.
Your test injection will eventually aromatize to estrogen. You’ll probably feel good for one or two days.

Good luck!

Tribulus destroied my life. I was still able to drive and work, before tribulus. After it, my life is ruined. After 5 months, situation still worse. Stay away from tribulus!

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OP make sure you use an AI when blasting to combat high E2.

Do you remember which brand of tribulus you took if so which one? Sorry about your situation man.

I am sorry to hear that.
But you got symptoms from 5-htp,so you have possibility that your body is very different from pfs sufferers’ one especially in functions of hormone.
Considering some mechanism of tribulus such as increasing AR and T,problems are on our body,in my opinion.
Anyway,to warn is important.If you can,please show logical evidence with your opinion.Thanks

With respect to @Rb26dett, he is unlikely to be able to. Much as no scientist can tell us exactly what is going on. 'Logical evidence" here is largely guesswork and presumption.

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