Androgenic to estrogenic switch due to epigenetic silencing of steroid 5-α reductase 2

Not sure if this has been posted before, but it’s an interesting and short read.

Says, "epigenetic modulations by DNA methyltransferase and pro-inflammatory cytokines play important roles in silencing of SRD5A2’’.

I wonder whether this is why people’s symptoms fluctuate when unwell and why some people feel better via mechanisms of immunosuppression.


I would imagine that’s why prolonged DHT therapy has helped a couple people

Man im hungry as fuck rn

This seems pretty relevant. Does anybody have an interpretation of this?

Does look proper interesting. Good find! If this is ‘it’ then I guess increased prostate DHT, something to demethylate and aromatase inhibitors might be the ‘cure’?

Lol, look at me typing like I know something. And also overlooking that aromatase inhibitors have REALLY screwed some people up already…

Someone clever needs a good old look into this one.

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A lots of people are looking at this, some of them have had success with it but dont want to publish yet…

Are you saying that people with prostate cancer are treating themselves based on this study?

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No im saying this: then I guess increased prostate DHT, something to demethylate and aromatase inhibitors might be the ‘cure’? without the aromatase inhibitors, I increased very high my DHT in the prostate and all sexual symptoms receded. How I did it? I did one week of asparagus and Brocolli each day for a week and then leave the asparagus… My sexuals sensations completly reversed to prior pfs, and also I notice DHT mentally, maybe/probably DHT in the prostate is related to DHT feeling in the brain…

This experiment worked for me.

Just as a word of warning about asparagus, there’s already one known case who said his condition worsened considerably after prolonged consumption followed by removal from his daily meals.

Great to hear you’ve been having improvements though @Belikewater, I hope they are sustained.

I have been having strange reactions with green asparagus also, somedays I felt much younger and pretty normal old emotions after eating them… Its very strange and very interesting at the same the reactions we can achieve in our bodys, for me I would say the day we recover the action the alchol has on us as it did before we can be “cured”. Btw after taking 1 Ella pill (progesterone antagonist) the next day I took 1 beer and I was absolutly drank as I was 14 years old for first time drinking, an interesting history also… it didnt perdure.