Androgenic to estrogenic switch due to epigenetic silencing of steroid 5-α reductase 2

Not sure if this has been posted before, but it’s an interesting and short read.

Says, "epigenetic modulations by DNA methyltransferase and pro-inflammatory cytokines play important roles in silencing of SRD5A2’’.

I wonder whether this is why people’s symptoms fluctuate when unwell and why some people feel better via mechanisms of immunosuppression.


I would imagine that’s why prolonged DHT therapy has helped a couple people

Man im hungry as fuck rn

This seems pretty relevant. Does anybody have an interpretation of this?

Does look proper interesting. Good find! If this is ‘it’ then I guess increased prostate DHT, something to demethylate and aromatase inhibitors might be the ‘cure’?

Lol, look at me typing like I know something. And also overlooking that aromatase inhibitors have REALLY screwed some people up already…

Someone clever needs a good old look into this one.

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