Androgen receptors discussion I need your knowledge (AR)

Hello, i got my sides from ru58841, ru is not acting the same way as finasteride:

« Unlike other antiandrogenic drugs that act by either reducing or blocking the synthesis of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHT) and testosterone, RU58841 mainly works with particular specificity to the receptor.
RU58841 competitively binds to the receptors of DHT thus blocking any DHTfrom attaching to the receptors and causing hair loss.

So if RU only acted on AR my disease as to be only correlated with the androgen receptors, I dont think it detroyed them because for what i read it only binds to it, so it has to be the sensitivity. I suppose that when it binded to the AR it forced the AR to upregulate to counter the effect of ru and now it cant interact fully with testosterone…
And thats why my sides are not as hard as yours, my persistent sides are lowered libido, lower capacity of erection, sometimes difficulties to think (not as hard as you) and lowered emotions.
And it matches with the AR function into the body.

So now I need you bc I need to find how i can regulate the AR, I heard of tribulus but not sure it will act as I need, (I suppose I have to downregulate the sensitivity)and I dont want to make more damage.
And if you have any other theory to my disease it will be helpful,
thanks for reading.

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Very interesting thread

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Yes, anti-androgens have been hypothesized to cause PFS. The issue is not exclusive to 5ars.


One other question: is there any method to know if my AR is up regulated, downregulated, or silenced?

I just feel so disappointed right now, testimony’s of ru persistent sides are just so rare, i’ve only saw 2,3 cases with lot of researches, i cant be that unlucky. Is that because i decided to do a 2 months « rush » despite of the sides to then get off to an other treatment, Is my abuse of marijuana worsen it ( i was at 8-10 a day during this period) or a shampoo that countains saw palmeto (never took it again after finnishing the bottle) and it didnt gave gave me sides, so it still has to be ru but it could worsen it.

If the the disease could be very different from someone to an other on the same drug
The fact that I’m literally alone fighting for RU sides
And knowing that it all can be just theories, with no scientific assist or well approach medical test, (and thats the reason why we still dont know almost nothing)
How do we do now, playing russian roulette to test ly body reaction to understznd better my disease and praying to not finish at a worsen stage,
It sounds crap.

In theory trying to down regulate receptors can be a good start, I heard of soy for what can be easily tested (it would be just for a 1 week period). But if my AR isn’t up regulated i fear a bit what it could do, I also know that i can easily know if my AR is upregulated with trying a single dose of tribulus and if i react bad i can know its up regulated, but dont really want to try it.

However my sides are not that bad i can have morning wood (not every day) and sometimes i feel more emotions, I’m not that far from recovery.

I also read that AR upregulation reaction’s to dht functioning again, would be to silenced them (AR) is it always happening together?
The fact that ru acts differently to reduce dht it only binds to AR and this will inhibit dht but, so if it reaches the same goal reach the same goal it has to be the same AR damage mechanism but cant be sure
If i can find how the body would react with AR silencing i could have an idea if my disease is correlated to it or not,
(The only clue that i have is my reaction to marijuana, i dont smoke it to diminush my sides, i could even say that it worsen it, and the coutains into marijuana Are 5 ar and testosterone inhibitor i saw somewhere that people with 5ar level too high responds best to it, so its not my case, I think my dht and testosterone works well, ( my hairloss is still Progressing on my head so my dht is getting well