Androgen receptor overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy that restores Pur-α to a transcriptional repressor complex of AR deregulated in HRPC

That’s w I still taking it and will do for 6 3-6 months

I think that having normal free and serum testosterone levels are important and you feel the difference if your mental health is fixed ( I mean not stress, not anxiety, not depression ).
If your testosterone is way up to the roof and you mental health is not good you will not feel nothing, lack of sexual drive or libido will be on the table.

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@Xorack good luck with your experiments, please take the survey.

I cannot. I still taking Lupron (too afraid to stop because last time the pain was insane).

Can you post which product, brand should i buy? Im goimg to order BHB and Butyrate… there is no sell for them in my country. I need order via Amazon etc.

Bulk suplement brand for BHB
BodyBio for any type of Butyrate
Both in Amazon


So has anyone improved on BHB besides moonchild?

Why not try it yourself along with Keto diet? @Mercked

Did you?

Yes, except BHB. I can’t order it. They don’t ship here. I would if i could. It is safe and healthy.

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That’s the thing. There are zero studies on R-BHB. Just an example.

Honestly Merck give intermittent fasting/low carb a go I’ve been doing it for 2 days and have felt better, I’ve been in this crap for nearly 3 years now. I haven’t tried bhb yet but have been eating butter/cheese.

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Sorry, I meant L-BHB, which is keto salts. There are literally no human studies on it whatsoever. It’s an untested artificially manufactured substance.

D-BHB is what our bodies make and that has been tested in supplement form. Only two companies make it, however both contain stevia as a sweetener which is a progesterone receptor antagonist. Stevia also inhibits the growth of l. Reuteri in the gut.

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Why not just do fasting and keto diet? That should increase the amount of hydroxybutyrate needed for demethylation.

I do IF given how much time i spend trying to go back to sleep. Not going to step on the hornets nest wrt keto but imo it’s not something Id even want to consider doing and I’ll leave it at that.

@joshuk vorinostat - can you remember what daily dose you took and how long you took it for - thanks

Try HMB. There’s a brand called Clear muscle. It converts into hydroxybutyrate and it has been tested in humans. I’ve been using it to prevent muscle wasting but it seems like it could be good for demethylation too.

Thanks! I’ll definitely look into it.

no idea on doseage it was all on solvepfs but its gone now . their was a specific dosage to take though as it did something with blood . IMMO on solve pfs took it as well but he is no longer with us sadly.

i think we could only take it for less than 2 weeks due too cleaving cells but we had no results either way you can buy the powder from china we got it tested it was legit