Androgen receptor (AR) overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy

Yes SAW, I still recovered 100%, I just comeback sometimes to responds email…


I tried using butyrate it made me feel foggy and disorientated also caused joint pains to become even worse, I believe it activates the androgen receptor and probably boosts testosterone. Demethylation through HDAC inhibitors isn’t as straight forward as genes can become methylated and demethylated with these diseases. I think it’s either a) cag repeat disorder which seems plausible due toxicity and failure of DNA repair or b) a conformational change to the protein structure of the receptors through epigenetic mechanisms. I have no idea how this can be reversed if it’s b; perhaps a pharmacological compound will have to be used to put enough stress on cells to adapt to a lower androgen environment and induce an epigenetic rewiring. Note: I think PFS could be an adaptation to a higher androgen environment that’s has put us in a state of permanent insensitivity

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Anyone is going to try this HDAC?

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It happened to me to when I use it, also with BHB, made me feel very tired, but I didn’t give up and continue using it both until I started feeling result, it didn’t happened overnigh.
Now I am 100 % recovered…


Moonchild, are you still advising to fast?

Thanks for sticking somewhat around!

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what is epigenetic therapy basically? can you explain?

Do 5ar inhibitors cause AR insensitivity? Maybe that is why I need a lot of testosterone to feel normal.

You can also do fasting, it is good for your general health and also it help me a lot before, it could be part of my recovery…
I remember that i did fasting while taking butyrate and BHB…
Good luck

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Cool, one more question: How much bhb and butyrate did you take per day?
I can’t find butyrate powder, only capsules. Is that correct?

There is no a magic pill on it, but I believe this could help

1-Give it time and don’t give up…
If you start to feeling tired, fatigue stick on it, it will get better and a few days, it happened to me when I started taking BHB…
2-Too much BHB will give you diarrhea (use only 1/2 TSP = 2.5 ml ) in 62 oz of water drink it during the day…7 days a week (Band: Bulksupplement )
3-2 pill of sodium Butyrate before bedtime (Brand: BodyBio )
4-Walk for 1 hour everyday
5-Eat healthy avoid processed food, also sugar and alcohol…
6-Try to get a good sleep
7-Avoid stressful situation

So far this is the most and lest complicate protocol that anybody can follow and it work…


I bought calcium magnesium butyrate by accident. That should be fine too? I’m already using BHB.

Try it, probably is going to work as the sodium butyrate, but if no, buy sodium butyrate, it was what I used…
Remember give it time, it will not work overnight…
About BHB: You can drink a glass of water with 2 grams of pure BHB before bedtime with Butyrate…
Avoid heavy meals late at nigh…


After 10 months I can say BHB or sodium/calcium butyrate are not the cure, at least for me.
I tried first a low dose, then increased it with no success at all.
I ate meat for some months (keto diet) even if I’m vegan, made me worse (but doesn’t mean anything, because I feel worse for no reason).
I tried not to eat for weeks, nothing.
I came to the conclusion that time is the only cure. I regret I was too reckless and impatient, it was a disaster for me to try new things.
Be careful when someone’s saying “I found a cure”, it can be a step closer to hell.


Which of your symptoms worsened? If you don’t mind me asking.

Bones/scalp/eyes/pelvic/bladder/brain pain.
I have no sex drive but the worst is being in pain almost all the pain.

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