Androgen Deprivation and Penis Tissue


Just posting this here, wondering how some people can experience temporary full penile size and curvature (?) recovery in a day and out. How the damaged tissues and nerves can be completely healed within a day?

Is our condition is different than androgen deprivation in the penis? I have some hourglass like tissue change in my penis and small scar tissue in the middle circle when erect. What the hell is going on!!! I just want to think that it is not PAS related and my libido seems fine.


In my experience the curvature, hourglass, constriction, veins, coldness, etc of the penis is more from activation of alpha adrenergic receptors (increased sympathetic tone, decrease in GABA-a from lack of neurosteroids etc). This is also the cause/result of some pelvic floor congestion. All of the above are likely stemming from a root cause of some sort of AR issue, just through a more indirect result through multiple feedback systems.

The erection, libido, lack of brain–> penis connection, etc is likely more directly due to the AR issues.


I know I asked before about how you gained backed Flaccid size and etc.