Andractim to regrow lost glans hardness

I’m new, but has anyone had any luck using andractim on their scrotum/penis/glans in order to restore length/sensitivity? I used finasteride for 6 days in november 18 and used topical spiro for 2 months between january and early early march and as soon as i stopped the spiro i had insane insomnia for about a week, and even now I havent slept for more than 6.5 hours in one sleep since then whereas before i used to do it routinely. Sexually, my glans has nonsensitivity at all and remains soft when I get hard. Finally, I completely lost psychogenic erections. That is what bothers me most, and I am looking to use andractim to reverse that. Any advice would be appreciated, in addition to letting me know where I can get it. I saw rat studies that showed andractim gel completely reversed the sexual and psychogenic erection effects of finasteride. I was hoping to try it out. Thanks guys

Bump. I have some sort of glans blood flow issue so I’m curious if this (or anything) could help.

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Andractim is given to F2M here in the United States but if your biologically born a man good luck getting it otherwise I would have tried it myself