Andractim Experience

Hi everyone,

I post my Andractim experience, it’s about 3 months now.
It helps me out with neurological problems and a bit sexualy.
More energy to do things but still in a bad state.

I made blood test recently to see after 3 months of treatment what’s going on.
And for now:

Testosterone was good before: 6 and now 0.75
Big decreased of testosterone…

LH is inferior of 1
Big decreased of LH too.
And FSH slightly decreased too … below normal level.

Is there anyone with the same issues ?
Is there anyone who takes Andractim ?


thanks for sharing. i have not tried this

can you fill out the survey please? it will help us all out

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How did you apply it?
Where on you’re body and how often?

its normal do be supressed after 3months DHT. your also be suppressed with TRT after 3 months. though the feedback mechanism to supress you might be different between Testo and DHT.
i use DHT since several years for wellbeing and energy. but only 1 special day for e.g. partying. then at least 3weeks break. i think this way it wont supress. i had bloods done 2 days after big dose DHT and had 6ng test, and over limit E2.

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if you want a lean face,than in face. if you want less gyno,then pushes out water retention quickly.

How can I do this ?

On arms, one time per day. The morning, 2.5gr.
It’s a minidose.

What do you mean ?

at the very top next to the search icon is a graph icon. click on that