An opportunity missed

While people here are giving out about the Baylor studies accutane has now been listed to Tim’s documentary 12 part series WHY because people were on that page showing him all the evidence about its dangers and gathered together to show support and help one another. I guarantee it that this will be on Netflix or a big network- he has all the connections and his wife works for Oscar events etc. This was a massive opportunity for people to gather together and do something positive for this cause, we’ll never succeed if we can’t join together and fight this together. Do people not realise that we’re a community who rely on one another, we need to work together not bicker and fight from every corner what’s done is done with the Baylor studies it is out of the admins hands, I’m sure they are just as angry as anyone with the time delay but we can either cry about it or move on and be proactive. I really cannot contemplate how big of an opportunity we have missed as Tim was genuinely interested in knowing more about Finasteride.

This is a preview of his documentary


Who’s Tim? This is the first time I heard of this.

Perhaps we can let Tim know that accutane is linked with Pfs and ssri. Might interest him even more

He’s a professional director who is making a documentary 12 part series on the dangers of pharmaceuticals called Legal Death- In Drug’s we trust. I mean Keith David is narrating this need I say more.

Someone please reach out to him and tell him that Pfs ssri and accutane are all possibly related.

Hard to imagine that wouldn’t interest him.

We can show him survey data

Come on, bros !

This is a huge opportunity. We need to push.
It could give us a huge lift for future !

Please go to this page and comment Papasmurf’s video.

Thank you !

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any suggestions as to what we can do as one?
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Add the page on Facebook as he’s active on it and start posting everything you can on finasteride. Show him what bodily functions are affected- I have done everything I can but if it’s only me on the page crying out then it’s not big enough to raise any eyebrows. My friends were able to get him to include Accutane and they are over the moon about it.


Dude get your friends to show them that accutane is linked With Pfs and ssri.

I’ll do my part and post as well

They mentioned Finasteride to him then I posted my video. Everyone on this page needs to get on and start showing him that I’m not the only person affected by this. It’s really frustrating because I don’t think people realise the severity of letting such an opportunity slide away from us. We’re in the shadows men and have been for the last decade, this is what the pharmaceutical industry wants the most for our pain and suffering to be hide away from the world so that we don’t exist. We need to reveal the existence of what’s happening to us.


It’s my understanding that accutane blocks 5alpha reductase as well…

Yes, which is why the foundation is looking into research behind these drugs. Holyhead can you please support this cause by going on Facebook and backing me up.

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Why is this a missed opportunity? To be fair, I think its a waste of time to ask about the Baylor study but nobody knew about this documentary.

Has he already picked the 12 subjects for his series?

I’ve sent Tim a message and would encourage everyone to do the same.

Bump - everyone should join the Facebook group and message Tim. You can do so anonymously.

The fear that drove people to take propecia is the same fear that stops people from leaving a message to Tim. What if my boss finds out I’ll get in trouble, my friends will think less of me, my GF will leave me etc. There’s a rational answer to each yet we put our trust in fear.

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I totally understand - fear for most is their number one driving force in life. But I think with dozens of anonymous voices, with a few strong visible ones leading the way, we have a compelling story to tell.

For me, I’m at a point where it doesn’t really matter if people ‘find out’. Would I rather everyone know I have PFS, which is of no fault of my own, or would I rather give everything I’ve got left to contribute and try to solve things?

Of course each person’s dilemma is different and I certainly respect that. I spoke on the podcast back in the day, but still am yet to put my face to anything. I’m not sure where I sit on that, and have enormous respect for those who have gone public with their condition.

Most of our fear and stress comes from how we respond to life and not from life itself. 99% of our negative thoughts don’t come true.

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“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you, as by the attitude you bring to life. Not so much by what happens to you, as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

I have spoken with Tim and he is interested to learn more about PFS. Anyone who wants to be involved, send me PM.

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If anyone is willing to be involved and speak about PFS please get in touch and let’s get the message out.

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