An interesting article about isotretinoin. Foxo proteins read it maybe this is key!po=50.0000

You ought to give reasons why you think this is the key. Lots of people post articles but don’t give reason for other people to pay attention. If you think this is the key, say why.

FOXO is a protein that has not been paid attention to before

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Definitely interesting, especially the comments on the impact of fasting, and more interesting is the decrease in bone density, which we all seem to experience. If PFS is more recognized in Germany, maybe we can reach out to the researcher who authored it.

Here’s another article mentioned recently in the forums that is in line with the one mentioned here. Both speak to the immune system and its affects on acne, sebum, and other things that seem to relate to us.

what we should about this protein,or%20proliferation%2C%20and%20metabolic%20homeostasis.
" Immune dysregulation/polyendocrinopathy/enteropathy/X-linked syndrome (IPEX) is a human disease caused by a mutation in FOXP3 . The disorder is characterised by a wide range of auto-immune symptoms, including type 1 diabetes, eczema, food allergy, thyroid disorders and inflammatory bowel disease [26]. The link between FOXP3 and autoimmune disease has been ascribed to the function of Treg cells; replacement or stimulation of these cells has been suggested as an aetiology for a number of autoimmune disorders [17]."