Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/MS?

Has anyone here been diagnosed with ALS or MS? Neurological symptoms present with some similarity to these diseases.

i havent.

guessing because MS has degradation of neurons or something

meanwhile we have gene silencing

If you have those you will noticed them in 2 years.
You will be hospitalized for sure, for both and if you are lucky you can manage ms.

Pfs comes with many sides

Some get penile endothelial dysfunction some got venous leakage some got major depression and neuropathy on cavernous nerves any many weird symptoms of androgen neurosteroid dysfunction / dysregulation …

Do you have any issues with muscles and skin? Have they changed any?

Yeah. Have had muscle wastage in calves. Also skin looks thinner, veins are very prominent and visible.

gotcha. Hope it resolves over time.

I visited a neurologist. He claimed it was unlikely to be ALS but had no clue about propecia at all, nor really about ALS either since he didn’t know about the new copper trials to treat ALS. Thought I had recurrent EBV and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I was disappointed with his ability so I may schedule another neurologist appointment with someone who will actually do a test like an EMG, to rule this out for good.