Amitriptyline tablets

Hi all,

I had an itchy skin (without lesions or any visible marks) pre-fin/pfs.

Today i consider myself for about 99% recovered of PFS. All the symptoms that I had have resolved.

However I still have an itchy skin condition just like my the pre-fin days. After trying almost all antihistamines, my doctor prescribed Amitriptyline tablets. Most of the ‘possible side effects’, remind me of Finasteride, such as:

  • tinnitus
  • impotency
  • sexual sides/limp dick
  • dry mouth
  • etc etc.

So I wont be taking these tablets for my condition. Is there anyone here that ended up with PFS due to Amitriptyline or perhaps has the symptoms due to this drug? I would like your input…

I’m on the fence about these …I think it’s possibly the best anti depressant out there to be honest .

I took for 6 weeks recently and it worked pretty well for me at the time , improved sleep (7 hours a night) , pain relief, improved tinnitus etc

Then after this I noticed the high pitched tinnitus slowly coming back day after day and I then had an insomnia relapse . As bad as the original one after I discontinued finasteride back in 2019.

However I think so much stuff gets blamed on things in this forum without reasonable cause or effect .
For example I don’t think Amitriptyline can cause in itself PFS or Post Drug Syndrome whatever we choose to call this .
BUT for me it was a case of ‘last in first out ‘ so I decided to drop it to see if the insomnia and tinnitus improved . It’s been about 3 weeks since I stopped it with the little improvement .

It could be the Amitriptyline or it could be something else entirely and this PFS thing just comes in episodes and fluctuates . Not having the answers or a true diagnosis to this thing is what creates 70% of the problem .

My suggestion is try it by all means but just like anything here , use caution

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thanks for your reply and input brother.

Is it correct to say that these meds flared your symptoms up?

I’ve had some awful months behind me where I was on a thin line of life and death. Im glad to say that I’ve recovered to about 99% from finasteride use after 9 months post use.

The fact that Amitriptyline impacts hormones has me very wary to use such a medication. The following article suggests this also,

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I will check out that study for sure …although I probably won’t use them again . They were great for tension headaches and at first they totally reset my sleep function .

That’s the thing …it might have been the Amitriptyline, or it might not . I decided to quit it and see if it made a difference or not .
Glad you are feeling better - what’s been the biggest catalyst in your recovery? Or is it just time ?

From my past experience it was hard to tell whether the withdrawal effects from moclobemide were what i was feeling or the onset of PFS at the time weaning off moclobemide full dosage at 600mg and then having the true pfs symptoms more so in my face without the moclobemide and the withdrawal sides from it, was a good time - highly recommended ( im just kidding ) was the worst time of my life, i dont think its the best idea to mix the two for me they seemed to play off of eachother the pfs and anti D;s. but yeah i think withdrawal effects can be confusing to dictate if its only that or just a bad period of pfs. my mind and body constantly go through cycles and oscillations its so hard to tell whats really happening, fortunately it has improved since 2015/16 being the worst … my mind seems more stable these days. I’m nnot sure if this answers yo question Lol… bit of a ramble