Ambien experience & warning

2 nights ago I took Ambien at 5am. I was dealing with anxiety that wouldn’t let the hydroxyzine I’m taking work

I took a quarter of a 50mg dose and immediately felt panic attack coming on with my chest pounding. Few minutes later it calmed down and I started getting sedated And fell asleep. I even felt some of the physical symptoms of anxiety relieve (stomach swelling)

Yesterday and today my anxiety has taken on a different form, more mental. After doing research I saw a PSSD sufferer crash from Ambien saying it interacts with 5ht2 receptors

So I’m staying away from this, really hoping I don’t crash

Going on a ketogenic diet to manage the anxiety as that’s the only thing that consistently brings relief. Last night I took some NyQuil to go to sleep which worked

Are you sure it was ambien? 50mg is way over the max dose of either the immediate or extended release…I don’t think they even make a 50mg pill. Assuming it’s IR because you don’t split the ER, that’s still a high dose. I split a 10mg generic nightly for sleep and have had no side effects. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a full 10mg.

bro i literally got fed up at 5AM in the morning and decided to take 1/4th of the 10mg dose. i touched NOTHING else. and yes it was ambien, i had it prescribed to me that day

sorry not 50mg — 10MG and only 1/4th of it

instant panic attack followed by resolution of anxiety and sleep

thats not my concern though. its the increased next day anxiety and the 5ht2 receptor activity thats getting me really paranoid about crashing again

Well i had that feeling one time with diazepam. It have me more anxiety and cold feeling for like 30 min, then subsided and i started to feel relaxed and could sleep.

Maybe this is typic of these drugs. You wont always get the desired effects.

Maybe your anxiety increased because you are worried!

Anyeays i Hope u get better :slight_smile:

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Thanks man. Physical anxiety symptoms seem to be reduced and haven’t come back since Ambien

I was hoping benzos wouldn’t effect us but it seems like even Valium has affected some people

Hey Lake,

Just FYI, I used Ambien 10mg a night for a week and didn’t experience any crashes.

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Did you experience any panic attacks first few minutes?

Nothing that I could attribute to the Ambien

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Have you taken it again and didn’t experience that? The Valium

Not Valium but the same day i took xanax and i’ve taking also bromazepam without any sides. For me It wasnt a Crash Itself, just not the best reaction. I commented It to my Psychiatrist and she wasnt surprised, It can happen.

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Ended up taking another quarter of 10mg of Ambien

No panic attack

Slept well

Next day symptoms not as severe

Really hate taking it though

I dont wanna tell anyone that their experiences are wrong but I too have taken PLENTY of Ambien and have been fine.

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