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I do not know if this has already been posted, but if you make purchases on Amazon, you can activate Amazon Smile, and that will automatically make donations to the non-profit of your choice. The pfsfoundation is listed as an option among all the NPO’s… so when you login make sure your logging in through Amazon “smile” and a fraction of every purchase will be donated to the foundation… get a few hundred people doing this who order off amazon a few times a month each… and it could be a few hundred dollars a month going into the foundation for things people are going to purchase anyway.


I set up my account to donate. thanks!

Thanks for this. I will do this for life.

Good stuff. I use Amazon weekly.

Ask your families and friends to do it too… as long as they log-in through the “smile” website the donations will be made.

Bumping this for new people. Make sure you encourage everyone you know to use it. Potentially a great revenue stream for the foundation. PR123… maybe the foundation itself should be made aware of this?

As there is no PFS Foundation until now in Europe, I propose to choose a PSSD foundation for the time being and vice a versa. That way we can still raise money for the probably same disease

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Bump. I have recruited several people to have them use Smile whenever using amazon, one person has already indirectly donated over $250 through purchases within their first month. You can see how this quickly adds up over time and grows exponentially as more people use it when checking out.


I was just thinking about this and can see that it was discussed back in 2015. I’m
In the UK but there’s no option to donate to the PFS foundation through Amazon Smiles. (it basically donates automatically when you buy from Amazon) If we could get everyone in Europe and around the world to have the option to donate through Amazon Smiles it could help get some vital funds for research with very little effort.

Hey friends,

Reminder to please purchase through Amazon Smile via PFS foundation when you do order things off Amazon.