Am I the only one on here with uncontrollable jock itch?

Yes bro I have it too. But I only got it after having sex with my x gf for the first time. She didn’t have it but hormonal abnormalities make you more vunerable to fungus, so she might had it but since her immune system isnt messed up by pfs it never manifested fully. Its really annoying and keeps coming back. I have never been able to get rid of it fully but I can keep it at bay with antifungal powder applied liberally after I shower and dry myself.

This keeps it pretty mucb surpressed… when I come off it thou it usually comes back after a few days.

I was just at the doctor for that today, actually. I’ve had it for a few months, and I’ll try anti-fungal cream to remove it.

The powder works better than the cream…dryness is key.

For the last two months I have been having rashes on my chest, belly and back The itch and flakes come off. I never had this before anyway today I visited my Doctor and she told me rashes at the front are fungal and at the back are not it funny? She has written me two creams. I will first do internet search and then will use them as one of these creams is steroid (she told me).

Miconazole nitrate… CVS brand. I have to use it at least twice a week thou or the crap always seems to come back.

Before treating for fungus make sure you have it. If it’s dermatitis or eczema fungal treatments can make it worse. I’m guessing that it’s more likely dermatitis or eczema as lack of hormones can cause the dry skin, not to mention the possible autoimmune issues post propecia. A dermatologist can run a test for it.

Steroid creams are often only temporarily effective. I’ve heard from dermatologists that eczema is a gut related issue. perhaps bone broths can help.

If anyone has a long term treatment or cure that’s worked please post it here.

Ketaconazole isn’t the best idea, if I remember correctly it’s the active ingredient in Nizoral shampoo and a 5AR2 inhibitor. I think i posted about it here previously. Try neutrogena T gel instead, it’s what Merck had men use to control dermatitis on their scalps during the propecia trials.

Eczema and dermetitus do not ooze and smell like pungent fish.

And not all fungal infections do either. I forgot some people’s skin still has moisture. Try the OTC clotrimozole.

I can’t say for sure, it just doesn’t seem like a long-term cure for dermatitis. The thing is steroid creams promote fungal infections and fungal creams promote dermatitis. Maybe it’s time to get another lab test?

kukui oil from “oils of aloha” … try it, right on the spot … i am lucky enough not to have suffered any fungus or rashes to my knowledge, but i think this stuff may bring some relief, as it has helped my severely dry skin

I have exactly the same thing youngbuck! A doctor diagnosed it as eczema and gave me hydrocortisone. It works extremely well but the effects are only temporary. Interestingly, taking cialis makes it better (blood flow?) and also refraining from madturbation.

My jock itch disappeared after two weeks use of Lamisil. Standard stuff.

I had the same problem. For me the solution was to dry the skin very carefully after showering, and surprisinly, applying vinegar to the lesion. It cleared it all in a few days.

There are some medications now that mix azoles, antibiotics, and betamethazone. One is triderm. Maybe it is possible to mix up three ointments together yourself and achieve the same result.

Though eczema is classified as autoimmune, if there’s eczema and fungus it’s an infection and it wont clear up until the fungus is gone, which is impossible when the eczema is there.

It seems that the fungal infection found an opportunity to grow in the dry, rapidly reproducing skin.

For the guys who this affects, is the skin moist at all? Mine is bone dry even in areas that should be sweaty, like between the toes and under the arms. i can easily go a week without a shower without developing and oily feeling or smell in these areas.

I did as well for a while. BUT NO RASH!
I think its not jock itch but prostate issues that cause an itch. Right now im going through just a tight sack and severe sensitivity at the tip. My underwear rubbing it is makes me get that feeling like being kicked in the nuts.

Sucks that so many guys can take this successfully with no issues then 4% have problems. I honestly think tho we are the few who have pre disposed issues that very certain criteria along with the fin cause this.
I recently talked with my old man and he has said he has dealt with prostate issues. I was taking the fin for 8 months no issues then added a fat burner with my diet and excercise and my junk basically almost fell off. I stopped twice now and it seems to be getting better but Im hitting a urologist asap.

I personally would get jock itch time to time so again I think the fin brought some kind of symptom resembling it but no rash.
We all took this knowing some sort of risks. I personally even saw this site before taking it but took the chance because I was so depressed w/o hair. I actually grew a TON back but had to stop so maybe if everyone just collaborated seriously we could help each other out.

For the itch and tightness a hot bath and/or a heat pad works wonders, try it and let me know.

Great, I now have this problem too on my inner thighs and crotch. The doctor diagnosed yeast infection and prescribed me a cream called Clotrimaderm 1%. I’m a bit fearful to try it for the hormonal effect. Anyone had experience with this cream?

I tried apple cider vinegar today. You use 1/4 and 3/4 water and apply it for 20 minutes, like someone suggested on the site. Seems like it helped for the itchiness, but I felt abnormally crappy all day. That’s the kind of reaction that makes me worry about the effect of applying something down there.

I’m actually taking apple cider vinegar orally everyday and I’m also wondering if it can not lead to an acidic imbalance that could cause the yeast infection. Don’t really want to quit it because I feel good when I’m taking it.

that was applied topical or oral pills?