Always tired, anyone suggestions?


Ever since starting accutane (finished 8 months ago) I can sleep 9, 10, 11 hours and be exhausted and able to sleep at any time? Any explanation or help ?


Could be a thousand things. Thyroid, adrenals, low T…


Should I attempt adjusting each to see which one it is ?


Daytime fatigue like you’re describing is commonly attributed to underactive thyroid. You can get a blood panel to test for this, and your doctor can perscribe you beta blockers or some other thyroid tablet. The treatment kicks in very quickly and resolves in a couple days - if this is actually the issue.


Is there certain tests to check this? I think I’ve done TSH and it was fine so hopefully there are other tests


TSH and T4 are the only ones I know of


FT3 (free T3) is the only one that really counts. It measures the amount of available T3 in the body.


Sweet I’ll check it Thanks man!!!