Alopecia Associated With SSRI Use: Clinical Characteristics and Recovery

I find it interesting that SSRIs seem to have this connection with hair growth and PFS and PSSD have so many similarities. The connection could be the androgen receptors. I also wonder what percentage of alopecia cases are caused by SSRIs. If SSRIs are behind a large portion of alopecia cases, the new drugs for the condition are treating side effects of other drugs…

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I can’t remember the name any longer, but there was a member active here long ago who took Accutane for acne, Propecia for hair loss that he attributed to Accutane (a relatively common side effect, even in women,) then an SSRI to treat depressive symptoms after developing PFS from Propecia. I think he said the SSRI worsened PFS symptoms in general.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this happened to many others in a similar fashion.


It’s seems that long-Covid also negatively affects both hair growth and libido.

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