Aloe Vera distillate

Without much success in dieting protocols I have been focusing on supplements to aid with vitamin and nutrient absorption because I feel that ultimately that is what our bodies are not getting enough. Recently I have had some success with digestive enzymes that break down dairy, protean , starches, and sugars. Along with the research I found that Betain with Hcl with Pepsin, Apple cider vinegar , basically anything that will help boost stomach acids and taking them with high protein meals helps to break down the long chain Amino acids into their shorter chain and so on for the other food groups helping with the absorption along the way. After doing so I felt this helped with the Mental sides,food sensitivities, skin issues and fungal infections, I was taking them every day but then backed off to every other day because I could feel it starting to irritate my stomach. I felt that I was on to something, so I kept looking for the next best thing and found George’s Aloe Vera distilled water. I started with the recommended dose and noticed significant improvements in every way , mood ,personality energy, cognition, food sensitivities , digestion, skin issues, everything basically it was like the cloud was lifted. Started researching the safety of long term use and found that it is not recommended to take long term because it can cause kidney failure in high doses which is super disappointing and there are also studies i found that aloe vera gave rats colon tumors also super disappointing. I ve dialed the dose down to a maintenance dose of 30ml every third day, which seams to be enough for now and i’ve been doing well. I will continue with this until someone discovers that magic pill to cure all of us once in for all.

i wanted to share my progress with this disease and would like to hear any feedback if anyone has or is willing to throw this in their current regimes. Also any other info regarding the use of aloe vera distillate would be great

Any updates? Very interesting!

Also if you can link us to the studies

My opinion on the Aloe Juice distillate is that it worked very well when I was feeling my worst. I concluded it helped with whst I believed to be SIBO on top of my pfs. I t would clear bacteria very efficiently and force an intense detox cycle. Which was the pain I felt in my back. Couldn’t find enough info on it to convince me whether it was safe or not. Found research saying it contained carcinogens which scared me and also found research saying it doesnt contain any so I didn’t know what to believe and I decided to stop. Treating the SIBO was helpful but it returned so I moved on and started a new supplement. I tried something stronger. which targets parasites as well as sibo.

I’m still waiting patiently for someone to come up with a cure for this which I dont believe is possible because my doctors tell me symtoms resemble auto immune disease. And there are millions of people suffering from the same symptoms and big pharma haven’t got any idea on how to treat them. But still hopeful and optimistic it’s just my opinion today

Hey man,

How are you these days? I’m thinking of trying this.
Can you explain a bit more what symptoms the aloe vera helped with and which ones came back once it stopped working?
Have you ever received a diagnosis of SIBO?

Hey man just checking in with you. What dosage were you using initially where you felt improvements? Did it also improve sleep and libido?

@tfolly27 did you also try aloe vera?

Sorry for the late reply , I was finally able to reset my password.

My system is hyper sensitive. So what I ve learnt is that if something recommends 10mg ill start with 1mg. That literally goes for everything.

Good to hear from you. So you’re not recovered with the aloe Vera?

Unfortunately I’m not.