Allopregnanolone and THC/Other Cannabinoids

Please post here studies related to Allopregnanolone and THC/Other Cannabinoids.

Subject: THC increases Allopregnanolone
Keywords: Cannabinoids THC Allopregnanolone … cannabinol

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Thought I should add:

Keywords: Progesterone

Cocaine activates progesterone receptors,thus leading to increased progesterone levels. That is why cocaine users experience insensitivity in the penis and delayed ejaculation. Progesterone users here have claimed to experience similar effects after application of progesterone cream.
Another user here reported that he temporarily got his libido back the next day after cocaine use, and a study that you posted crossed my mind about progesterone effect after 11 hours or something.

I strongly believe that there is a strong connection between neurosteroids and pfs. Another user claimed that he got recovered after using tyrosine which is the precursor of dopamine, but after 2 weeks or so he relapsed.

I was reading Chi’s story and survivingpropecia’s blog and they both support that fixing the gut is the key to recovery. The gut also plays an important role on neurosteroid production,especially serotonin.

I am sure pfs is such a complex syndrome and it cannot be fixed by focusing in just one thing. All body functions must correlate, body temperature, neurosteroid balance, adrenals, colon, sleep etc.

this is such a complex issue…that’s why no doctor can help us! they are only good in things for which protocols exist, the rest is for scientists.

i believe part of the problem is GABA-A related…alcohol induced relief of PFS is a strong indicator of that and so are muscle twitches and insomnia.

i personally have better erections on 0.25mg of xanax

Just theory, but if it was only gaba related you would experience a full relief of symptoms with gabaergic drugs. Remember that neurosteroids act like hormones, hence like a chain where when one link is broken then the whole system collapses.

gaba is only part of the problem…but in my opinion is maybe half of the problem because people get relief just by drinking alcohol. that says a lot already

I agree with this. You can’t isolate dysfunctions, as everything is interlinked.

The key driver for libido is undoubtedly testosterone. After that it is whatever mechanisms oppose it’s activity, such as estrogens, progesterones, and excessive binding hormones.

I don’t doubt neurosteroids are downregulated as a consequence. But for me that bares no relation to why my hairloss has ceased since I’ve had PFS, which is irresputably a clear sign that DHT is not active despite normal blood levels.

I’m not posting these things to say that all the problems are related to allopregnanolone and GABA-A receptors.
It’s just to post studies on this topic.

That being said, I’m pretty sure PFS is a multi-faceted problem. I dont think there will be one solution to it all.

Another thing it seems to me is we are calling PFS to a very wide range of conditions and they are problably not the same condition for everyone, since people seem to react differently to the same treatments. When we understand better finasteride’s side effects we will probably divide PFS into categories…

this is why I think it would be so important to do questionaires to people in the forum. This would make us be able to correlate data and possibly find patterns!

absolutely xptriado, i’m not criticising your decision to post this. any information is valuable, and I agree we should look to compile symptoms and test results into a more accessible database where trends can be identified.

guys im creating a questionnaire at the moment.
when im done writing my questions, ill post them here and we can review them/add new ones, and later on release the survey for people to fill in.

would you know of any free survey tool online? surveymonkey is good but i would need to pay for it

I personally get a ton of relief from smoking pot. If I smoke too much, however, I just get dim and couchlocked, which happened before PFS anyways. Anyways, smoking a one hitter of sativa gets me horny, makes my erections better, and puts me in a better mood. I just smoked last night for the first time in about 3 months, and it felt nice. Weed is something that I’ll smoke with medium frequency at a low dose just to keep my spirits and libido up.


lol i used to love taking 1 hits of sativa on the weekends. now i abstain from everything unfortunately. even if i get high now i wouldnt be able to control the torturous anxiety id get for the first 30 minutes due to a lack of ability to stay present


Smoking definitely makes all of the sides worse, especially so for my libido and erection quality.

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So weird… It does the opposite for me.

just started smoking a little bit of indica for anxiety. It’s giving me peace I haven’t felt in years. It’s a balanced cbd/thc strain