Allergies: why an explosion now?

I noticed that i am more prone to allergy reactions or something similar.
using a monitor makes my scalp red and itchy, sometimes i have weird red spots on my skin, if i eat something like nuts or pork i feel horribly. i used to suffer of dust alllergy and asthma when i was a child and now i got it again…

do you think there’s a connection with pfs? are you aware of something similar?

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It sounds highly unlikely realistically maybe a visit to your doctor would help out here sometimes even a change in weather can set off allergies.

I had no allergies whatsoever and just yesterday i had a moderate allergic reaction to something i ate, still trying to figure out what

I dont know when it happened but Im suspicious it had something to do with Isotretinoin, since a few years ago Im allergic to my belt’s metal part.

guess what…

@Go_Faster_Sonic I’ve got this too