Alfuzosin And prazosin type medications


What is the general consensus on these medications? Many claim they help ED symptoms, any experiences?


yes,they give u retrograde ejaculation


When did you notice? I assume not everyone gets it bc I’ve seen others report good things, did you notice anything good before stopping ?


nothing good just feeling tired
retrograde ejaculation is like a must when using alpha blockers


I’d like to hear others experience with these drugs as well. I currently believe in the whole pelvic floor theory behind some of the symptoms such as erection and orgasm quality as well as sensation. As I’ve read on this forum they can help to loosen a lot of the muscles down there.


If you believe it’s pelvic floor related, have you tried exercises and stretches for there?


Not yet. this is something I have to come to believe is a big factor in my sexual symptoms over the last few days and I intend on starting some kind of routine soon. Spent most of yesterday researching physical/massage therapists in my area but I think I want to start with some stretches myself first and see if there’s any relief.


Buy a yoga mat, look on YouTube for some routines and give yourself half an hour every evening. It’s quite a good way to get ready for bed.