Alcohol Crash? Drinking / Smoking Question

So I was super unlucky and got sides after using two applications of topical finasteride. Felt horrible the first month off. Started to feel like myself week 5 and by the end of week 6 I felt like 85% - 90% better. My only side left was slight insomnia, and it wasn’t terrible Im still getting 4/5 hours a night of sleep. My anxiety and depression we’re practically gone and my moods were very positive every day. Yesterday I went out somewhere and had two shots of whiskey and within 15 minutes of getting buzzed my crippling anxiety came back. Took like 4 hours to calm down. I went to sleep woke up and felt like I used to with my anxiety and depression. But definitely not as bad. Im probably like 50% recovered now. But my old side of anxiety and depression is pretty much back. Just not as intense. But I’m back to my previous anxious state which really sucks. Also sucks I may never be able to drink again. I also haven’t smoked weed since I got sides from fin. Been craving it like crazy but I probably not gonna get the reaction that I normally get so Im gonna not do it. Should I lay off that stuff until I feel completely recovered? Or this is gonna be a permanent thing.

Booze/drugs are out. Your body no longer processes them properly. They will crash you again and again

I wonder how this applies to those of us who no longer respond to alcohol. In the first months after my crash I was scared to drink but craved it intensely. Now I drink beer occasionally just to go through the motions of humanity. I don’t get any kind of buzz but I feel something in the routine that I guess in the context of relentless body horror can be described as ‘not shitty’. I don’t have any food intolerance, don’t know if that says anything about if or how my body processes alcohol.

My primary symptoms are full body tissue wastage, facial disfigurement, skin…awfulness, and fatigue. And no response to alcohol and caffeine.

I have been feeling a lot of fatigue and had muscle loss in the first few days. do you have these symptoms?

Yes but this thread is about alcohol so I’ll post in your member thread.

updates? did your ever had ED due to finasteride? if so, did it get better?