Alcohol and Masturbation

Hello Guys

When I take Tadalafil 10 mg in the night of Friday and drink a lot, I can masturbate with full erection the next 2-3 days.
I wanted to ask you, who of you can masturbate a lot the days after a heavy drinking of night?

I just wanted to ask if this is common if you have PFS.

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Just don’t overdo it TRUST ME with the masturbating

why, did you do the same thing?

Overdid it and I paid dearly for it big time

Can you describe that in more detail?

Everything that could go wrong with my body did
It shutdown

No emotion whatsoever
Blurred vision
Digestion shutdown didn’t use the bathroom for weeks literally
Brain fog
My head felt like it was weightless like filled with helium

And that’s just what I remember
Just all kinds of bad that you or nobody wants

Wait, all of this because of excessive masturbation?

In one day, yea
I woke up in the middle of that night and had all the problems I listed

Can I ask you why do you think it’s because of the excessive masturbation?

I am so sorry to hear about that… really… I have Insomnia too since I am in this forum.

I have to masturbate to keep the blood in flow and train my penis. I am scared that it will get smaller if I stop.

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You can just don’t overdo it
Blood flow is important
Just don’t do what I did

Because it had to be that
I did nothing else that day but that

I pushed my system too far
Maybe it was in a weakened state and that was the last straw
But I know it was that

Many guys here have said they’ve had the same thing

Can I ask you something else: Did you need alcohol to get an erection or did it work without? How often did you do it? Sorry I am so curious…

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It’s ok I’m happy to help

No I didn’t need alcohol but sometimes I did feel a boost from it
But I never needed it

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