Aging quickly due to PFS


Have people of your environment noticed you are aging quicklier?
People that don’t know my age get quite shocked when I tell them that I am 29, and most people tell me that I look 8-9 years older :older_man:. This never happened before PFS, even after my first crash. It started happening after some bigger crashes.

Also I almost always get called “Señor” (Sir) by people who don’t know me, a word that, at least in Spain is mainly used to adress men that are at least in their forties.

To me it is clear that my apperance has changed dramatically, but it is also clear that most people notice it. People who I haven’t seen in a long time always need some seconds to recognize me.

Is any of you experiencing a similar situation?

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This is weird. Didn’t happen to me post finesteride crash. When you say you look older, do you mean:

  1. Your hair has thinned out alot.
  2. You’re greying prematurely (scalp & facial hair)
  3. Your skin getting wrinkles
  4. You’ve gained/lost a lot of weight

I do think that stress make us seems older, it is like people than work non-stop.
Also, since we are depressed, appart from the fact that good emotions make you work your face skin to keep it “young”, we show less hapiness and this is affecting to how people see us.


If you haven’t noticed anything about this, don’t even worry about it. This is probably something that only happens to some bad cases. It is about skin changes, wrinkles, muscle loss, colagen and other physical changes


Well then I’m an extra bad case…


Hope this reverses for you when you beat PFS. Focus on beating this now and many things will correct themselves later. Good luck bro!


I have PSSD and it’s happening to me. I went from a very young-looking 36 when I crashed to a damn old man in months. It’s a symptom of the androgen dysfunction (probably receptor). Just like the penile shrinkage. It’s quite common in PFS since your hormones are being fucked with. I’m always shocked that some people don’t know of these symptoms.


This is were a treatment of stem cells for aging would be useful if we all got cured tomorrow.


I’ve ahead about 20 years in the last 2. I was always complimented on how young I looked and it’s now the opposite. Wrinkles, hooded eye, gum recession, thinner skin, loss of collagen!!: Like many on here I was very vain! So it’s tough to take and makes us feel even lower

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Pfs has drastically lowered my vitamin D levels, this important skin vitamin, low vitamin D levels accelerates aging