After Crash staying in bed with No Drive for anything since six weeks. Has someone else this strange behavior?

Yes - I have to start it up. I lost 6 weeks. Thank you for kicking me menthally.

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Our cases are remarkably similar. We are older than most everybody here and used proscar instead of Propecia. (People forget a Proscar dosage is 5 times a Propecia dose! )
The side effects you and I are suffering are very much alike.
You have been suffering for less than 2 months, and still have possibilities for recovery eventually. We can only take this day by day.

Are you saying your girlfriend left you because of your illness? That does not say much for her I’m afraid.
I wish I had answers for you, but I’ve had little in improvements after 2 years now. Telling you to “stay positive” seems hollow.

Nevertheless, get out of bed and get active in something you enjoy! What hobby can you immerse yourself in? Viel Glück! Jim

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German, I miss you a little

Would you like to see a doctor in Beijing? Hanru and I invite you to roast duck


Hey Hanru and you can roast me and invite the doctor’s to roasted castrated German Schweinsbraten.

It’s bloody. I think my associative ability has recovered a little

No, you made me laugh (even though it felt as weak as orgasm)

Are you sure? Peking duck is as good as sex.

When we’re recover, we can have a big meal at the Beijing hotel in Beijing (this hotel is located on Chang’an Street), German roast pig and Beijing roast duck​:joy: :joy: :joy:
Also call the American, the handsome guy who ate one piece (I don’t think I’m gay)

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Hell yeah, visiting China would be a dream. I just wish I had the focus to learn Mandarin :sob:. German food looks incredible as well and their country is beautiful. :de::handshake::cn:

We’re all handsome here by the way.


Hello @Mercked I never asked you from witch country are you, Norway? And how old are you?

I am from Canada, in my late 30s. Literally hurts to acknowledge how old I am. I guess I’ll leave this post up for a day.


If you’re fortunate to enjoy food again, that’s a blessing. It’s all been just sustenance to me since PFS.


You can’t find enjoyment from food? I mean I still can’t swallow a lot of things properly. Most things I swallow would still leak into my airway which leads to ‘purging’ later. Many things make me gag immediately. I can enjoy ice cream though.

You think Merck should start making dildoes?


:joy: :joy: I wish they could make a fake brain,If my mind returns to normal, penile prosthesis may be my choice in ten years.

I used to enjoy all sorts of foods, and be able to tell the subtle differences between so many types of them, and was fortunate to enjoy some of my favorite amazing sushi in my pre PFS days. Now, I can care less about what I’m eating unless it’s horrible, and have no favorite anything, except maybe, like you, with ice cream, and only vanilla. I think it’s because of the sugar I avoid but crave from it.

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My taste also seems to have declined, or I can’t feel the pleasure of food? I have a bad appetite now. I don’t know why. I feel it’s still a brain problem


I think it’s the lack of finding pleasure in anything at all, including food, drink, physical pleasure, touch, everything. Complete anhedonia.


hi,German tall man, do you feel better? It’s my greatest pleasure to see your speech every day. Today, I feel my mouth like pressing a spring. Once I open my mouth, it will close immediately, but I feel a little better like bird shit.