After a year of PFS, I feel worse and worse

When I had PFS three months later, all I had was testicular atrophy, hard erection, and muscle twitching.Now a year into PFS, I have tinnitus, disc herniation in my lumbar spine, MRI of my lumbar spine shows lumbar degeneration, the doctor told me my lumbar spine is the same as that of a 50 year old, but I am only 23 years old.I also have neck and shoulder problems. I had a ringing in my ears two weeks ago and my gums have receded over the past year.

I feel like I’m never going to get better, even worse, and I want to try clomid again.


Life is so hard,Hope to have an end one day


Same here, same age as u, 1.5 years. Bones keep hurting all the time, especially cheek bones and leg bones, muscles are so weak that i cannot hold a pen for a minute. Recently i found that my right shoulder joint has got dislocated a bit, it isn’t steady and keeps cracking all the time, gums have receded and keeps bleeding but it isn’t a noteworthy issue for me as compared to muscle dysfunction. Surreal isn’t it !!

Don’t self experiment with drugs and herbs.


But we’re also going to get worse if we don’t use them drugs and herbs.So what we can do is only to wait death?

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This is so true for me. That feeling when you look back at a time before experimenting with a supplement and thinking how good you had it comparably. Muscular dystrophy elsewhere like in my limbs I can live with.

I couldn’t live with my fatigue so I experimented with NAD boosters and now I have dysphagia and have to be on a liquid diet like someone in long term care. I feel like I might burst a few veins from coughing so violently every day as I aspirate whenever I swallow. If this gets any worse I just might die from it.


I would choose some safe holistic approaches like mild exercises and transitioning my diet to paleo instead of choking on unpredictable drugs and further aggravate my already intolerable condition …

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There was a community project here indexing people’s successes with various supplements or drugs. I wonder what happened to that.

Personally almost everything I’ve ever tried has either done little to help or has only made me progressively worse, but I won’t tell people never to try things if they are willing to take the risk.

My state is too precarious right now to even consider taking antibiotics to save a tooth.

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Do you feel any pain in your knee? I also start trying some mild exercises

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no you dont have to wait till death

we have some good news that our new research is starting soon once we fund it and we’re at the halfway mark of our goal.

this study will reveal more information about us and faster than the previous study at baylor,

so it means that hope is likely closer than people think

at the same time its prudent imo to make every decision as if this is a permanent situation

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My right knee is devastated, i cannot sprint and run but slow walking for some distance and then taking rest a bit is fine for me, the motive is to move ur body within ur capacity, if u are able to lift weights and do pushups then well and good, just don’t sit on the couch eating chips whole day.

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