Advice sought - pills for ED


I’m looking for some advice re ED supplements

I came off finasteride over 6 weeks ago as I had urinary and ED problems (I had been on it for about 10 years with zero side effects)… I’m now deciding whether to go on something like Cialis or Levitra, or just sit tight for 6-12 months as I’m showing some signs of improvement already but very aware it’s all very delicate (starting to get morning wood a little and some nocturnal erections although these are 50-75% erections, can get a 50-75% erection most days by touching it but it falls flat as soon as I or a woman stops touching it)… I’m single so there’s no pressure on me for the moment from that perspective and I’m happy to go without sex for 12 months and skip the ED pills if it meant it would improve my chances of long term recovery… My GP told me I’d recover but it would take time and he was confident of that as he’s had other patients in a similar boat to myself - on saying that nobody knows what’s going with PFS

Someone posted that using Cialis (I presume every day for a 3 or 6 or 12 month period) may help with any penis tissue regeneration if it’s damaged… So I’m half thinking of trying it out for say 3 months and hope that it will help or speed up the recovery… The added bonus is that I can go out living my life normally and know I’ll be able to perform should I meet someone on a night out / on dates etc… But I’m a bit wary of putting more pills into my system, possible side effects and if I should try let the body heal naturally over time

Viagra: I didn’t really like the sound of it from reading online - I think the absolutely no alcohol bit put me off

Levitra: I know mixing alcohol and pills is not a great idea, but I’ve read that 3-4 drinks should be ok with this drug… So I’m half thinking of just bringing one of these pills out with me every Friday night, keep the drinks to 3-4 and try to meet women – then if someone agrees to come home with me I can just pop a pill… Or if I’m on a date and have say 4 drinks, ask her if she’d like to come home with me, walk into the gents in the pub and just take a pill and get a taxi

Lastly, what do people think is the best L’carnitane and L’arginine supplement? I’m thinking of taking this at night to see if I can start getting regular and noctural erections

Any thoughts or experiences on this would be appreciated

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Hi I don’t know if you’re still needing to decide between ED meds or not but I’d just like to say I’ve had some success with low dose Cialis.

Helps from stopping my erection going down after 2 seconds of losing focus or no stimulation.

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Thanks pal. I’ve stayed off them so far but I’ve got a friend’s wedding coming up end of February and it sounds like I’m being set up with one of the bride’s best friends who I really fancy - some disaster. I’ll decide at the end of January if I go for any pills but I’d prefer to just ride it out for 1/2 years and see if my body can slowly recover.

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You can take one cialis on a night you might hook up with someone then never take one again. All it does is improve blood flow temporarily, there’s no way it would hinder any natural recovery.

You could take 20mg cialis and be good for a day and a half, easy erections.

Appreciate that - good luck with your recovery

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Cialis is good, 10mg and I was good for 2-3 days.

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Strangely would even give me a bit of libido.

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Thanks for that guys… Just wondering if it’s safe to take it say 5-6 hours before drinking alcohol and if it still works?

I’d go to the pub a few times a week after work and have 2-3 pints and get home smoke weed and still be all good in the hood :muscle:t2:

Probably a placebo-type thing. I imagine that I’d want sex a little more if I had confidence in my ability to perform.