Advice Needed on Cold Sensitivity

Hey guys,

So this is weird and I don’t see many people complaining about it, but my number 1 issue right now with my PFS is that I am so incredibly sensitive to the cold. Take today for instance, it was 75 degrees and sunny, but because I stood in the windy shade for 30 minutes this morning, the whole rest of the day not only was my whole body frozen, but my dick was completely shriveled up and had that weird skinny with a dent in the side appearance. This happens every so often, and the only remedy for it has been jumping in a boiling hot shower.

The strange thing about this is that it wasn’t always a problem. For the first three years that I had PFS I never had a sensitivity to the cold. In fact I recall being that guy who would go out in the middle of winter in just a t shirt and be fine. This sensitivity kicked in 3 years after getting pfs, and has been getting worse and worse ever since. It went from being occasionally cold to now being an icicle in the middle of summer. What is occurring to me now is that this cold sensitivity started not long after I totally changed my diet. In one period I completely eliminated gluten, dairy and caffeine/coffee from my diet, and have barely touched them in over 3 years. So now I’m thinking, is there a vitamin or mineral in either gluten/dairy/coffee that is essential to blood circulation, and I’ve just been starving my body of it?

I don’t think this problem has anything to do with what I’m currently eating, as my diet is very clean. The only things I eat are: eggs, egg whites, grass fed beef, pork, ground turkey, chicken, cod, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, sauerkraut, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and occasionally turkey bacon in the morning. Also when I carb backload two nights a week I’ll throw in red potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice flour pasta, or gluten free white bread with vegan butter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Hell I can live with erectile dysfunction or zero libido, but this cold sensitivity has been making life really unbearable.

I have it too. I literally tremble.

Probably body can’t maintain temp properly

The MAFActive cream seems to help with the body temperature problem. It hasn’t been a problem since I started using it.

Cold sensitivity is most likely thyroid related - low t3 and/or high rt3.

I used to have freezing cold hands and just try to bake in the sun to warm up. I used to dread winter. Now my hands are never cold anymore and I feel normal temp. This winter I even went swimming in the ocean a lot and stayed warm.

I used Cytomel to clear RT3 then switched over to Nature Throid (NDT). You have to keep your adrenals supported or the thyroid hormones wont enter cells. I use cortef for that. It will increase energy levels, better sleep, less irritable, more social, etc too.

I had this for awhile and sometimes still do. Likely related to the thyroid for sure. Check out some info on here and elsewhere about thyroid health, iodine, and selenium. Fascinating stuff and definitely some links going on there with pfs and the thyroid.

yes I have this. cold hands cold lower legs and feet. wear jacket and gloves if outdoor temp below 70 F.

This comes and goes for me too depending on how sore my prostate is. Just purchased some detoxadine and am going to supplement with this to try and resolve.

I suspect that I have this problem as well

Same here

feeling cold is usually thyroid related as as said above,ive had pfs for almost a decade and can barely feel the cold,i am the total opposite,i can be sat in a house with people who have no health problems and they are always cold but never me,people will put the heat on and be loving it and I’m having to go outside to cool off,always been very warm blooded even though I am screwed with pfs, :laughing: .

Wow! I was thinking I’m the only one.
This kicked at the 3rd year of my PFS. It’s severe and makes my life absolutely miserable. When i go even to the supermarket where AC is on I am dressed in the middle of the summer like for a proper winter. Otherwise I am heavy sick for at least a week. Only a 10 min exposure to a light wind is enough to make my body freezing and shivering for days after that. I don’t go outside unless I really have to. I stopped wearing short pants even in the hot weather. All my body should be covered all the time, otherwise I am sick. Cold drinks and food are things impossible to even think of. Been more than an year now. Tones of blood tests (thyroid checked too). All in range except Vit D (low). Though any dosage above 400 IU crashes me hard.
As I can see your post is not recent. I hope you feel better!