Advice needed for newbie PFS, Letrozol destroyed me. now in serious trouble, Pls help


Had my first surge of libido yesterday since about a year. It lasted the afternoon. I was driving some longer route with my car and had spontaneous erections for quite long time when having erotic thoughts. I had totally forgotten how good it felt to have even some kind of libido!!
Althought the penis sensitivity is not there, it felt really nice. It would be so awesome to be better one day!But time will tell how this all is going to end up.

When i had the surge of libido, my overall condition was really good also. Felt energetic and mood was really great. I was interested about life and having that kinf of burn for life. That was freaking awesome to felt that even for a little while.

Some improvements in the start of the year. Sleep has gotten better, same as anxiety and suicidal which i dont really have anymore or they are now quite low. I have concentrated just for the gut and keeping my stress level as low as possible. Penis skin sensitivity is ruined still from the letrozol. I dont know if there is never going to be improvements because i think the nerves of the skin were damaged with the letrozol. Hard to say, time will tell more about.
Also body skin sensitivity has been quite ok now, its not sensitive but i dont notice that so much anymore. This all might be just temporary before back to previous baseline. But still hoping that someday, there might be some improvement that i could keep living my life.


That’s great you had an (albeit short lived) improvement @Finfina. I would suggest that you think about that improvement as a sign that you aren’t broken and that the mechanisms and systems can get back in line. Keep on going, things can get better.


Today exactly 1 year with PFS anniversary and also my 38 birthday cos I got PFS as a birthday present. So happy birthday to me! :birthday:


Sorry to hear it, but I hope you enjoy your day.


Happy birthday, hope you’re enjoying your day as best you can. It’s great to hear of the recent improvements you’ve had, they are something to be celebrated and encouraged by.