Advice needed for newbie PFS, Letrozol destroyed me. now in serious trouble, Pls help


Even I can not figure out if I have also developed PAS


Unfortunately no idea, I know it sucks


I wrote to you privately


I have a one and a half year old son, another one is eleven, and my oldest is fourteen. They have seen me through all kind of mental states. Sometime irritable, sometime scared (of dying from this), sometime angry. They’ve seen anxiety, panic attack, they have seen me so weak I couldn’t walk or my speech was slurred, my thoughts incoherent. But they also have seen me fight it to get through the next day. Not give up on them.

There’s always something to learn, something to teach even when we don’t know. I think my children are learning compassion. They are learning the value of courage through adversity. There is good in every bad (and bad in every good).

I’ve had bad times. Times I wanted to die. But I promised myself I would go through whatever misery life throws at me and never give up and abandon my children. And they will see all the good and all the bad in me because I cannot hide it. That’s what life is made of.

Anyway. This disease just happens to NOT be life threatening unless we choose it to be. It’s only pain, it’s just a feeling ! Or fear, or anger ! Just feelings and emotions.

I would have suggestions on what can be tried. But the very first thing is to fire up the light of hope and the desire to fight this disease ! Use your desperation to move you forward, choose to attack !

As one of my friend told me: Use it or lose it !


Thanks alot again Ozeph and also thank you for your support via pm. These are really wise words what you are saying. You are a strong person and i would like to be that strong person too. Symptoms just takes me over so often and i cant find the strenght to keep going.

I just remembered that i made a liver cleanse when I was on Letzorol. It could be the week 4. That included 4 shakes before bed, one shake per day. And the first drink included grape juice from 2 grapes! 3 other had juice from 2 oranges.
These drinks also included olive oil, garlic, ginger.
So that has also ruined my CYP3A4???
And made the Letrozol even more harsh!!!???
I managed to make like 3 fucking mistakes in a row just because I didnt know enough.

What the hell is causing this overall skin insensitivity?
Something to do with the CYP3A4?
Or lack of Nitrix Oxide in the body?
Whats the best protocol to increase nitrix odxide in the body?
Any hope for it will be better?
Thats one hellish symptom.

When my PFS started at 2/2018 it sure got something to do with Adrenal Fatigue.
I have had really tough times for 2-3 years and these tough times just accelerated on that time when my crashed. So i have had really big worries and stressfull time for 2-3 years so my cortisols have maybe been really high for long time?

I had good days at the year start. From 1-5.1.2019 i was feeling ok. Then i decided to go with my family to abroad. This trip my diet changed, i couldnt eat the usual things that i eat. Digestion went poor and symptoms got bad again. 4.1. i did had better penis sensitivity, i wrote to my diary it was 7/10 on masturbation. So that was good day. But after that, a major stepback again. When the stools are working, i feel better and symptoms seems better. Not anyway near good but better than baseline. But overall, before Letrozol my life was just miserable. After Letrozol its a nightmare all time.


I don’t know if you’re still taking Letrozol but you should stop.

My approach is to take no drugs.

L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Citruline (500mg each) will increase nitric oxyde and erections.
L-Valine (500mg a day, slowly increase to 2000mg a day) will increase sensibility.
DLPA (100mg, increase slowly to 500mg) also balances sensibility.
5-HTP 100mg and L-Tyrosine 500mg first thing in the morning clears up brain fog and gives you strength and confidence.

These may or may not work. You have to try.

Reduce, taper down or stop at first sign of trouble. If you take something and it makes you feel bad, don’t think it’s your body adjusting. It’s your body telling it’s bad.

If you need more help, PM me and tell me your symptoms. I can’t make promises, but I can tell you what worked or didn’t for me.


No im not taking Letrozol anymore. I took it little over a month at 9/2018. Thats about 3 months since stopping it and im still a mess.


what was ur dosage and frequency when taking letrozole?


“Im really bad situation now and would need advice. I should have found this page 1 month earlier, then i would have realized that I must not never trye letrozol with that kind of dose the doctor told me (because he was saying i only have secondary hypogonadism). At the “standard” 2,5mg per day for about a month. F…k that! At that point I still didnt know whats bothering me, I still thougt that it can be hypogonadism. Now im pretty much fucked.
Because that letrozol, im so pissed to myself, that maybe cost the price for my life. And I found this forum just few weeks too late.”


u used letrozole too frequently
u should have used it once weekly at that dose
letrozole fucked u up yes :confused:


Yes but I believed my doctor who prescriped me this with this dosage :neutral_face:. I didnt know that it was too big dosage.


I made a mistake by taking finasteride for 20 years. Then I made a mistake by taking Letrozole. But I took just 1/4 pill, for eight and realized it wasn’t doing me good. i took Clomid as well at the same time, also 1/4 pill for eight days.

I thought I would get ovaries and start laying eggs…

There’s nothing that can’t be fixed, although it may take time. But really you should calm down and accept your life. There are ways of getting rid of sick cells (fasting) and creating new healthy ones (diet and exercise)

Life brings troubles and when you worry you make it double.


how did u react on clomid/anastrazole ozeph?


To be honest, I got scared at what I was doing. I mean playing directly with hormones using unnatural drugs that don’t exist in nature and have all kinds of side effects because the body is not built to deal with it.

That was 6 months ago. after a week, I didn’t feel better, continued to feel like shit and decided I wasn’t going to play with that. I chose natural things like diet, exercise and supplements found in food.

I’m still very much anti doctors and anti-drugs. I could rant for 20 minutes on this but I won’t. You people deserve to hear positive things. It will make you heal faster.


Do you think it fucked me up permanently or is there a change to heal?
And what exactly did it fuck up in my system?
And does this dosage also fuck up a normal person or just us with pfs?


I’m sure if you do something about it, you will see improvements. Time will also make improvement.

If I knew what are you symptoms, I could give you better advise, but here’s the general idea:

What happens is an hormonal imbalance after stopping fin, which got worst by taking letrozol.
The body reacts with an auto immune response, blocking androgen receptors. Adrenal fatigue sets in as the adrenal (hormone) system is messed up and put stress on the thyroid and adrenal glands

So, in order to reduce the auto immune response and inflammation, you need to take care of your guts. The minimal way to do this is to take low doses of hydrolyzed peptide (if it makes you feel bad, you stop), eat bone broth regularly, and the best way, which i what I recommend, is to go on a ketogenic and/or carnivore diet. This way you prevent all inflammation due to food allergies that were not there before. All of this will fix your guts, reduce inflammation and reduce auto immune response. You may also want to take some probiotics a few times, but don’t overdue it.

Once that id done, fasting (intermittent or water fasting) will take out the sick cells. Exercise and good diet will produce new healthy cells. You need to reduce carbs (I take 10 gr a day) and eat lots of saturated animal fat from beef or pork. You also need lots of protein and maybe digestive enzyme to make the most of them. I also take a 1 carb protein shake once or twice a day to make sure I’m saturated with protein.
The best exercise is resistance training (weight lifting). but cardio helps as well.

If you tell me you symptoms I can suggest supplements.

Those are just my opinion, I’m not a doctor (for what doctors are worth) and i can’t guarantee it will fix you. But I believe it will at least improve your situation and time will also make you better.

Freaking out about your situation increases your adrenal fatigue. So just relax, you won’t die from this.

I wish the best to you.


Thanks again Ozeph.
Yep, i have done things since 2/2018 when i first crashed. Cut all sugar, alcohol, coffee. I have trained for many years 3-5 times a week and continued this after crash, depending on my current feeling/energy.
Tried always eat healty. Now I have also decreased my carbs intake which havent been so big in the first place. I was going in the right direction until my doctor hit me with the letro.
After my crash 2/2018 i tried many supps and have been on those with varied combinations.

Here are my symptoms -->
Before letrozol:
-Low libido
-Occasional morning wood
-Occasional nocturnals
-Nauseous feeling all day long/weakness
-Genital numbness
-Decreased genital sensitivity
-Emotinal flatness (this must of been before crash also)
-Unable to enjoy things
-Cold hands and cold feet (have had this for years before crash)
-I feel very cold when cold weather
-Frequent urination (this has been longer before crash)
-Decreased ability to gain muscle mass (this has been years before crash so apparently my testo has been lowered for longer period)
-Fuzziness when going from sit to stand (occasional)
-Cracking joints (have had this for some years)
-Thinner jaw line (I think this have changed)
-Big veins on the side of penile (this have been longer)
-Loose skin on skrotum
-Minor occasional blurriness on vision
-Occasional heart pains
-Muscle loss
-Slower beard growth
-Grey hairs (increasing slowly)
-Back pains (this has been years before crash)

Add-ons after Letrozol:
-Total loss of sensitivity on genitals/penile skin
-Loss of sensitivity on overall body skin (seems to be lower on those areas that use to be the most sensitive ones, like under arms etc)
-Loss of appetite / decreased appetite
-Metabolism is not working
-Dry body skin
-Dry hair (I think this has been longer allready)
-Thin skin on penile (little weins have also become more visible)
-Loss of penile size
-Libido from low to zero
-Digestion problems
-Frequent urination increased (had to urinate 3-6 times per night for a while. Now 1-2 times per night, daytime quite normal)
-Sleep issues
-Suicidal thoughts
-Severe depression
-Dry mouth at night
-Feeling hot at night (at around 3-5am)
-Anxiety (worse on morning and better on evening)
-No muscle pump when on gym
-Weakness on gym (i just dont have energy doing effective training when on gym. And this symptom was also before letrozol)


So how did the doc know it is PFS and not hypogonadism? He suggested TRT, so what is his experience treating PFS with TRT?

There are members telling over and over again TRT will not help with PFS. So now that is common sence over here. But doesn’t mean it works for nobody. I have spoken a few guys who did well on TRT.

Maybe you can talk with your doctor about it and do first a TRT protocol with HCG so you can if it isn’t effective.


Yep, the new doc doesnt know it as yet. Its just his speculation at the moment. Because i have just visited him one time at 11/2018 by now. Im going to run some labs in the next 2 week and going to visit the doc later, maybe 2/2019. The main point is, he was the only one here in Finland who even knew the term PFS. I dont know about his experience from other PFS patient yet, I have to talk to him more when I see him the next time. I think now, when I know more about this subject, that this new doc doesnt have so much experience about PFS patients as he claims. But this solves more later…

This first doc of mine, the fuck-face who prescriped me letrozol, only thinked/claimed I have hypogonadism. Hi didnt regocnised the symptoms which were obvious. First the plan was try Testogel for me. I wish he had sticked to that plan. Then he chosed this f…g letrozol for trest me. He had been using this letrozol regimen for many hypogonal men with good results. Regimen is first started with 2,5mg per day for 3-4 weeks then labworks where testos are going. If the testo hasnt rise enough, then he would have rise the letrozol to 5mg per day :smile: And if this isnt enough either, he would ad HCG along :joy: This doc is really a f…g murderer.
But really, are those dosages only lethal to us with PFS or are they lethal to “normal” people as well? I think that doc should be banned for life.

Yeah, i know now that TRT havent helped for PFS. I dont know if im going to try TRT. Letrozol rised my testos and fucked me up. Maybe low dose testogel would have worked. But this is something I have to think later.


this letrozol doctor is murderer indeed… I really wish those docs would try this protocol on himself and feel the pain hes gonna cause on others by prescribing this nuts protocol… such dose of letrozol will result in castration for at least a year…