Adrenal fatigue

I came across this article and I was literally startled by how exactly similar our symptoms are. I’m not sure about the gene/hereditary information she speaks about but focus on how she says she “crashed”. That she had thick legs that immediately got skinny, sound familiar? From elevated cortisol/adrenal fatigue she mentions the following symptoms

Bruxism, anxiety, insomnia, eye floaters, startle reflex ( I had that bad at crash time, I jumped from everything), loss of musclemass because if breakdown in collagen synthesis (any body with skinny lower legs and lower arms?), weakness in legs (anyone have trouble getting out of a chair sometimes?) loss of hair on legs, arms, outer eyebrows, back pain, tinnitus, waking up with numb hands, salt and chocolate cravings ( I’m doing better but a year ago I couldn’t stop eating chocalate in the PM) Los body temperature, dark circles under eyes, lack of sweating, brain fog, short term memory loss.

Dr. Jacobs did diagnose me as pseudo cushings, but unfortunately mainstream medicine really only recognizes major adrenal disorders like Cushing’s syndrome or Addison syndrome. Is it possible that our condition just falls outside the scope of this? A doctor that can’t say you have cushings or Addison’s will tell you to try to relax and lower stress levels, now we know that’s not the cause.

My point is the slightest imbalance could have set the cascading events off. What is most alarming is that potentially the treatment for our finasteride condition which is not believed to exist might come from treating another condition “adrenal fatigue” that is also very difficult for mainstream medicine to accept

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Sorry, here is the article. If we do suffer from some sort of adrenal fatigue, what caused it? How do we treat it? Adrenal fatigue would explain so many of our symptoms but it would also explain many peoples recovery by addressing it … 02gxpm9LCR

and can vision problems like double dımmed night blidness cause of adrenal fatıque?
Plus, what about sexual problems?
Im not sayıng you are wrong, ım just tryıng to understand.

There have been a few people who claimed to have recovered by treating their adrenal fatigue. John Coleman, for example.

Well a few others and seemingly were successful. Much of it has to do with stress reduction, mild exercise, eating healthy, and of course lots of time. What fascinating is those claiming to be cured, were very positive from the onset, and remained focus and positive (I know at times it’s incredibly hard to)

Depressed guy- yes, fuzzy vision, eye floaters, dimmed vision, sensitivity to light etc

And yes, sexual problems as we’ll, supressed thyroid function, lower testosterone, low libido, erection problems

I wish all these symptoms were out there and recognized. If it’s true , a person suddenly looses hair on legs and arms and eyebrows, and legs loose collageen and arms that is telling of something.

This is much different than what the finasteide mainstream doctors see such as low libido and erection problems. I think our centering around the sexual side effects has been an immense obstacle in garnishing attention of this condition

I believe in adrenal insufficiency, i.e. not completely dysfunctional to be diagnosed with Addisons but not functional enough to be considered healthy.

The term ‘adrenal fatigue’ has a lot of stigma since it’s usually pushed by quack doctors who just want to sell you supplements or consultancy. Most of the advice aside from basic healthy eating is to literally do nothing for years and hope they recover…very few people who diagnose themselves with adrenal fatigue tend to recover from what I’ve read.

I know my adrenals aren’t operating optimally after failing an ACTH stimulation test. However I have no idea how you’d treat them. There is no medical consensus besides prescribing external cortisones. I don’t know if it’s an enzyme deficiency or simply a problem with the adrenal glands themselves.

All I’m taking at the moment is high dose vitamin C. I’d be interested if anyone has any studies that cite any benefical treatment.

support your thyroid and adrenals thats okay, you will be fine but what is the right way i still feel lower back pain which is glands.
stopped t4 and i think more free cortisol circulating my body get warmer
i had hashimotos thyroid like other guys here

also look:’s_disease#Causes

Would talking DHEA be of any use if we are experiencing adrenal fatigue?

is your cortisol high or low?
I read a lot of people here talk of Adrenal fatigue but in all tests my Cortisol is above normal or high normal.

I have all the same symptoms and thought the chocolate cravings were due to copper deficiency or biounavailability. Why do you think we have adrenal deficiency as opposed to excess? Cushings is excess cortisol. My serum cortisol levels are consistently too high, but I doubt a doctor would diagnose me with full-blown Cushings.

I think I have this kind of adrenal fatigue. I feel tired all day. A lot of weakness in the legs. Eye floaters too. I sleep good but I wake up tired every day. My cortisol levels are in rage.
I crashed two years and a half ago but this kind of fatigue appeared six months ago. Time ago I felt tired some days or some weeks but not like this year. I have low energy all day.
I feel worse this year than the year before. That’s hard for me after doing everything for be better.
Somebody has found a protocol por adrenal fatigue?

Please feel free to welcome yourself to the group and tell us about your situation with a new member post

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