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Hello everyone, i hope you doing better
For me i’m on 8 months of suffering after 4 doses ,i’m losing hope now , i have very bad condition, physically, sexual, mentally, i d’ont know what i can do know , i didn’t see any good improvement of my situation… i’m here to know if anybody has improved after that long time , that can give hope to continue my battle .
Sorry for my bad English

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Sorry to hear ur condition brother. This May 17 will be my 1st anniversary of PFS and i am same since the day i quit this. My muscles have been melting severely and weakness of these muscles are just intolerable. Brain fog gets up and down. Sexually i just don’t care anymore. I read some posts about how people just learn to cope with this damaged
body rather than keeping hopes on any natural recovery. Only a solid scientific research can do some miracle now.

Meanwhile, please take our SURVEY and report every symptoms which u have been experiencing since 8 months. It will help the scientists to know our condition properly. What u have been experiencing is not some side effect but a severe damage which needs severe research.


Thank you for your reply and sorry for you too , very bad condition we live with
Yes ! I will do the survey :slight_smile:
Just i like to know if you react when you watch porn ? Sorry for the question ! that can help ! Because for last 3 months i can get aroused when i watch it and i can get up
i d’ont have numbness for now and my ejaculation look thick ! And white again , my balls smaller
«my muscles feel thunder and weak and my face look less muscular and my jaw smaller
Brain fog gone away for almost time but i still have it sometimes
I d’ont have any problems with physical effort and i can work out normally
This my symptoms


I didn’t react to porn a month after quitting but yeah i am somewhat react to it, but not always. If i do NoFap for a week then i do react to it.

Same here

Man my muscles are completely dead and squashy, joint has been making clicking sound, weakness of muscles is too severe for me. Nothing has changed since a year. Once in Oct last year i took a tab of proviron and after 3 weeks i felt completely recovered, it did last a week but i don’t want to take proviron again as i am not on any form of trt.

U are very lucky, don’t focus on sexual symptoms too much, just try to enjoy ur life, life is awesome even without sex.

We are similar ,
how about insomnia ?
For me i can get 8 hours of sleep not every night but almost of time

Update 1,5 year
I want to give you an update of my situation
Brain fog: recovered , i’m happy
Physical change : no change 🥲
Watery semen : 70% of improvement🙂
Sexual sides : 50%… i can get up easy now ,i got back my sensibiliy , ican have sex every day if want but my libido is low

My bigest problem now is physical changes id’ont know if i can get back my old face and body …


Any sign of AR activity…body odors, oils etc

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I’m not sur ,foru have more body odor , like 30% of my old self …

hey bro any protocol you followed that helped you recover. I mainly struggle from severe brain fog/derealization. I’m 4 months of propecia.

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Hey @adamxx, I have edited the title of this topic to reflect your improved outlook, I hope you don’t mind.

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Diet ( no sugar , no gluten) and gym 4-5 times a week , that it

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My face get worse, i d’ont know what i can do .i started keto diet hopfully i will get better with it. I’m very depressed. I took fiansteride for my hair instead i fucked my body. What a joke


Have you gotten any bloodwork done? To see where your hormones currently lay?

Not yet…

After 3 weeks of low carb diet and hiit training i had some improvements :
Sleep : 80%
Gut : 50%
Numbness : 70%
Erection : 70%
Libido : 20%
Muscle waste : got alot better , i regained muscles again.
I tried to do nofap for my libido but i failed.
My facial change better than 3 week ago ( benefit from the diet i think)


Very happywith my progress, after 3 weeks on keto diet i lost a lot of fat and my face got a lot better… my libido got better too.
My picture now


brilliant to hear some positive news, I hope things continue to get better for you


What a lovely day …
For testing myself i called an escort girl and that went good :slight_smile:
Keep fighting :ok_hand:


how is your libido rn?

Good , i had sex twice this week ( i use cialis)