Actifist,act up

Who’s taking action and working on PFS projects?
Reaching out? Speaking up?

I have reached out to many healthcare organizations, hospitals, media outlets etc.
Would love to support any causes that people are working on but I don’t know who’s doing what.

a few groups to reach out to, articles to reference…,, Vice News, BBC, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University(Hopkinsmedicine), Memorial Sloan Kettering, TMZ, Philly Inquirer, Huffpost, Boston Globe, Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, SNL, Doctor Mike, Science Vs, AAMCTODAY, World Health Organization, American Urological Association, Merck, Leparisien, Le Monde, Jama Network, Reuters, Kaiserhealth news, Howard Stern, NPR, 6play, France 5, Karger, Sringer Link, Starbene, Hopital Saint-Louis AP-HP(Paris)


Well done @thehorsesarecoming your efforts are more than appreciated. Have you made any headway?. Ive wrote to Robin Williams wife, two health journalista, posted my story, took part in the YouTube vid project “waiting on the next steps” and more recently the CEO of Merck. To date i haven’t had a reply to any. I intend to contact the BBC next. We need more action as this disease is not getting any recognition.

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@LazarusRy, please understand that the video project is still underway. A couple of the submissions were received only recently and the staff have been deliberating on a release date since a few days ago. Thanks again for the submission and for going beyond.

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@Dubya_B thanks mate, axo has also provided an update which is greatly appreciated. I do understand that you all work tirelessly

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