Acne drug ‘linked to at least 14 deaths’ this year

Interesting report from Channel 4 news on Accutane,

Just like FInasteride they try and blame the patient for any depression/suicide and not the drug.


Yes. Acne can cause depression just like hair loss can cause depression as some would like you to believe. I would say this “depression” is based on real physical symptoms in our case that a person cant shake no matter how much they would like the glass to be half full.

I have thought to myself at times, man I feel so depressed my head hurts, but I think its more likely to be the other way around.
I think inflammation could play a key role. You can find numerous articles on inflammation playing a key role in depression.

An overactive cerebellum causes issues across the brain

Acute cerebellar inflammation and hyperexcitability induces ‘depression-like’ behavior

Consider the cerebellum. That structure tucked into the lower back of your skull. Also known as the ‘little brain’ it plays a key role in regulating voluntary movement like balance, motor learning, and speech.

Recent evidence even shows the cerebellum involved in higher-order brain functions including visual response, emotion, and motor planning. And now, a team from Kyoto University has found another link, depressive behavior.

Writing in Cell Reports , the research team found – through a series of experiments with rats – that acute cerebellar inflammation puts the structure in an ‘overexcited’ state, resulting in the animal developing a temporary decrease in motivation and sociability.

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I see a representative of the British Association of Dermatologists noting how they “regularly train” dermatology professionals to assess for psychological wellbeing before, during and after treatment of isotretinoin. So, where’s the evidence of this in terms of patient outcome? Those suffering the persistent effects (of which I have quite some experience with now given I have a chief role in attempting to pick up the pieces) are near invariably citing total dismissal of their concerns from the prescribing professional. The story itself has this poor girl’s family saying the concerns were waved away completely.

Regulatory action is warranted with regards to these life altering and too often life ending endocrine disruptive drugs. Hoping the dermatology profession will just suddenly snap into some form of belated self-imposed action all these decades down the line without external pressure is highly unlikely in my personal view. While physiological and molecular level differences are continuing to be identified in PFS patients, we’re seeing rather desperate PFS publications from dermatologists citing books on witchcraft. In 2019. It’s risible.

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This was a fantastic video by channel 4. Amazing work by @Luckydevil as always! I feel that the channel may be inclined to air another video focused on PAS and the connection between PAS and suicide if enough people contact them with their stories.


I have a friend who took isotretinoin. You are not supposed to drink if you are on the drug. But thats a very hard thing to do and she did it anyways. Doestn matter how much she drink, she simply can feel the “Buzz”. You can’t get “drunk” if u taking accutane. thats sucks.

I may end just like her

The reporter who did the story is on twitter if anyone wants to contact her.

We have a blog summarising here:


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here’s a few stories I know of.

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