Accutane sufferer blood results

Just in case anyone is interested in relation to common themes etc. My blood results (my result/ normal ranges)

FSH: 1.3 miu/ml 0.95 - 11.95
LH: 4.4 Miu/mL 1.14 - 8.75
Prolactin: 77 Mu/L 70-400
Oestradiol: 51 pmol/L 40-160
Testosterone: 23.00 nmol/L 9-30
Sex hormone binding globulin 38 nmol/L 18-50
Free androgen index 60.5 25-130

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Low FSH i have this too. Damn. What the hell.

I have low fsh too

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I have low-lowish FSH levels, with mid-range LH also. There are a few topics on this site where it is disucssed.

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What are your symptoms

Your Oestradiol E2 is super low. 51 is like 13.89 pg/ml! I can imagine your libido is nonexistent and feel depressed and/or suffering anxiety. You may even get crying spells out of the blue. Again and again I’m coming across people on the forum with low E2 and are complaining of myriad of symptoms. I’m surprised because your Testosterone level is great.

What’s your DHEA-s level?

this is very interesting. i started taking trazodone because all of my issues started after taking a single dose of trazodone. i was trying to reinstate the medication at a low dose to reverse pssd. the very interesting thing that happened is i became interested in girls again. after a few days i ended up masturbating, and i the amount of semen that came out was insane. also my skin started to get a bunch of acne and was very oily. trazodone apparently is associated with the FSH and LH hormones. i don’t know what to make of this. i also seen a ton of posts about taking trazodone to reverse PAS. i wouldn’t rush into trying something like this as it could bring more issues. if low FSH is the case for our symptoms, how would we go about increasing this?

i’m wondering what your doctor said specifically about how the trazodone reverses these issues? please pm me if you can