Accutane "small" recovery

Hello guys. To summarise my condition fast, I took accutane for some months then ended up with erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, bad sleep, loss of muscle mass, extreme cold limbs, ridiculous feeling of fatigue through the whole day, bad sight, brain fog and many other small problems that I had an easier time dealing with. But well I’m coming straight to the point since that’s what most of you are interested in anyway. I could get rid of most my symptoms over the last 2 months. I have to say tho that I’m still struggling with the loss of libido and the erectile dysfunction. In the moment I can say tho that I am able to masturbate without many problems. Over the last days I even had some morning woods which I haven’t experienced since a half year. The moment I started eating clean, going outside and working out again in quarantine everything was slowly getting better. My brain fog cleared and I was finally able to think clearly again. Working out helped me to work against the loss of muscle mass where I have to add that my muscles still feel and look dryed out from all water and feel still feel weak. The fatigue slowly got better when I started showering as cold as possible. I did it always after working out since that’s easier then for me but i would recommend doing it after waking up since it works like coffee. Cutting out alcohol, sugar, dairy and caffeine helped me a lot. My erections are getting better with the time but since I have a girlfriend I had to workout something. The doctor prescribed me tadalafil daily 5mg. It doesn’t work like he described it but I’m able to have sex with it which is something I could have never even be able to the first 5 months.
I’m going to list some key points that helped me to recover a little bit.

•cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, weed and dairy

•trying the paleo diet (my body never got so much greens since years lol)

•cold showers

•working ougr

•go to sleep early and stand up early

•cut out all supplements and let your body recover by itself(experimenting with all those supplements will most likely do more harm than good)

•drink tea (alot of it! Camille tea is the best since it helps with digestion and is against inflammation)

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Hi brother, happy for your improvements. My condition is very similar and also does my approach. I’m doing pretty much all of what u doing, diet (i’m doing a paleo autoimmune, which avoid strictly every potential inflammatory foods, including all u said and some more, though i still struggle to cut coffee), also, i’m eating a lot of fermented foods, probiotics and bone broth -and can totally relate to the green eating and how new is this for me lol, i didnt even know those things were food (hahaha jk). I’m only 1 month on this and noticed some improvements in some symptoms, morning wood and nocturnal erections are pretty much regular, 90% of time and days.

On the other hand, I notticed that my sexual symptoms are a little worse, like ED, genital coldness, libido, orgasm, etc… Did u feel like this at the beggining too?

Also, i’d like to know when u noticed improvements on symptoms since u started this new lifestyle. Also, ur libido improved somewhat or like nothing? And which supp u meant to not take, even vits and things like this?

Keep it up bro, you’ll get there!!

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Yeah I’ve been feeling cold down there too but I’ve had it since the beginning so I can’t tell if there is any difference. Sadly my libido hasn’t improved or at least I can’t tell if it did since I’m not getting that much erections besides the morning wood and sometimes when I’m with my girl. My orgasms where normal from the beginning, the only thing that’s different is that I don’t last as long as before and that my ehaculate is pretty watery, which btw is getting better. I noticed the improvements after 4 weeks into my paleo diet and added then more things that should help like cold showers. I think you really have to hear what your body says since we all work different. Not everything that works for me will work for you. With cutting out supplements I meant that it’s better to let your body take what it gets from your nutrition. Taking supplements is taking a small toll on your liver that a normal person can ignore. But we are different since in our body was a big ton of toxins from the poison that we took. Give your liver time to recover and just drink water and tea to support it. I have to say that I also feel the urge to try everything and adding more supplements but I really don’t want to mess with my body more than I need to. We all are in the same boat because we took a “wonderpill” that should help us getting rid of acne or boldness without really working for it. Are there any thing that really helped you recover? Or what kind of supplements are you taking? Because I think most vitamins are easy achievable through nutrition since paleo is mainly focused on greens and vitamin rich foods. What did help recover the most? I wish you best luck too!