Accutane side effects: Sexual resolved. Mental: worse than ever

I don’t understand this. Sexually…i have recovered tremendously since I took this garbage 5 years ago, I am basically pre accutane. Horny as hell, hard erections, that primal animalistic lust, mental attraction etc, gained my penis size back and then some!. Mentally though, in some ways I feel I’m at my lowest point EVER. Horrible ocd, paranoia, depression, mood swings…just horrible. This has progressed recently within The past like 3 months, like I was recovering mentally then all of a sudden backtracked. I SWEAR, someone in my house is poisoning me. I’m also forgetting things and having false memories etc. Like my mental health took a random unexplainable drop…literally like 8 months ago I was probably a 65% mentally. Now I’m like 35% mentally, 98% sexually.

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I know how hard it is, but i suggest you try solving these problems with a psychotherapist…Maybe more sport, find a new hobby, or work on pre existing ones…If you are sexually cured you have good chances to get out of this hell…Just do me a favor and NEVER TAKE ANY PRESCRIBTION DRUG TO CURE THESE THINGS (Unless your life depends on it, but even then be careful)…I wish you all the best

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Interesting, my ibs c has been diminishing significantly the past week (around the time I started one redbull a day). Been pooping good WITHOUT laxatives. Something that has been almost impossible these last 5 years, post accutane. I notice a redbull makes me feel around 60-70% (from around 30 percent) mentally for a few hours, perhaps the taurine? Maybe the rest of my body will start improving rapidly…considering the resolution of the sexual sides? Idk.

Go to a psychotherapist as suggested, in future. Make sure to decline any kind of drug or supplement as a treatment. Just talking. I think mental sides are easier to beat. Hope you recover.

what heals you sexually? give us suggestions pls

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I think it was time tbh.

Those who drink 3 months get better over time. shorter drinkers get worse over time. does anyone else realize this