Accutane sexual dysfunction discussed by UK politicians again

Accutane is discussed once again by UK politicians. They are warning of the risks of ongoing erectile dysfunction created by the drug:

“Despite having stopped using the drug, the boy—a first-class student who played a sport at a very high level—suffered total erectile dysfunction that continues to this day.”

“…surely it is time for a well-funded and sizeable Department of Health study into the possible problems of using isotretinoin…”

The results of this medication - lasting erectile dysfunction - are unacceptable.

Studies are needed now into why this happens, so that treatments can be considered.


i agree completely. healthy 22 year old college student here, who can’t get it up or have the ability to even want to approach because of this damn drug. I can easily get it up with porn and or sildanafil (viagra) though.

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I definitely agree strongly No one should be left with these physical issues due to a drug that was prescribed to them .
It looks like another minefield like finasteride but on the upside they are discussing this within the UK house of parliament which is a positive sign unlike finasteride side effects which seem to be swept under the carpet again and again.
It’s all a bit of a peanut situation one person can eat a whole bag of peanuts with no issues but the next person only needs one peanut to have have serious issues possibly even life threatening.