Accutane/Isotretinoin Subreddit

I decided to create a new subreddit, r/PAS_Support, for people who’ve taken isotretinoin. I wanted to do this because the other accutane subreddit, r/accutanedamage, seems like it’s been dead for a while and the name does nothing to lend credibility to those that post on it. I’m hoping to mirror r/PSSD; as in hopefully having an active number of people use it and to keep the discussions reasonably scientific and focused on learning, sharing/asking questions regarding symptoms, and helping others to mitigate the physical and psychological stress of those symptoms.

I’m not trying to take people away from this site, I just find that I browse reddit a lot through out the day, including r/pssd, and think it’s a visible and accessible platform especially on mobile.

I haven’t posted anything yet and I don’t really know how to use or moderate reddit that well, so if anyone else is interested in being a moderator or helping out please let me know.