Accutane Ed after treatment news

Hello guys it’s me again. I’m still suffering from my ED and I have little to no improvements. My sleep is worse than ever and I feel overall pretty bad. I have this condition since almost a half year and I’m really struggling with it to be honest. I would like to ask some of you to give me an advice or two. I started working out and eating healthier since many said that this will help me at least feeling better. I’ve heard that the paleo diet is the best option to go since its anti inflammatory which seems to be a cause of the ED caused by accutane. I’ve heard that the 5ar inhibitors play a great role in this condition and that you should not eat them at all to feel better. Can someone send me a link or tell me what foods I should not eat? I’m going to the gym since 3 years so I would say that I’m pretty confident in handling a change in nutrition since I know many things about this topic. Can someone tell me what worked best to ease this condition or maybe even recover a little bit? I really need some tips. If you haven’t read my story I think its important to say that I’m 18 and that I took accutane for 4 months. I stopped it from one day to another after a party since I realised that I’m not having any erections at all. I also have little libido and suffer from bad sleep and overall tiredness.

Hello! Have you experienced any improvement?