Accutane : Comparative analysis between Tretinoin (anti-cancer) and Isotretinoin (anti-acne)

Hello everyone, everything is said in the title, as well as in the pdf downloadable in the following link:
You will admire the sleight of hand showing in the calculation of section 1…
Strength and courage to you, stay strong!


I don’t think that’s a good idea for people to read it. It basically says this drug shortens the telomeres and the capability of divison of cells and it even says that can increase the risk of death. So you are encouraging us with that? I do not think so…

People need to be realists, we can’t only cherry pick the positive information. If we do that we are never going anywhere.


Relevant comment. Thank you.
I hesitated a lot to diffuse it for fear that it would be misinterpreted. But this document does not encourage anything, it describes facts.

And it says that this mechanism is variable for different people, and this paper asks the question of why some will be screwed and others will not.
The basis of medicine is informed consent. I am not in favor of hiding facts and information. It is precisely because of this mentality on the part of the laboratories that we are here.

The health authorities have known about this for 8 months , in testimony 8 :

During the temporary scientific committee of the national agency for drug safety, in France, Nathalie DUMARCET, Head of the Dermatology division of the ANSM, alluded to questions about the mode of action of isotretinoin, in the written testimonies (first video presentation, 17 min 40), specifying that she will answer us more precisely in writing, because “it is a little complicated” as it is “hypotheses that are accumulated, we could report with you” :
We are still waiting for her answer… and to understand…

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