Accomplished Molecular Biologist Dr Nadine Hornig Discusses PFS

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Dr Nadine Hornig, an accomplished molecular biologist and lead investigator for PFS Network’s upcoming research project at The University of Kiel.

Dr Hornig has recently been published in Nature and is a member of our scientific advisory board.

We spoke about her previous work, what got her interested in investigating the disease and went deeper into her upcoming research.

It’s heartening to have such accomplished scientists working towards establishing pathomechanistic understanding.

Watch the full video here.


Finally someone with the credentials and background saying here…We know something has gone very wrong…Please stop with the it’s a nocebo garbage :wastebasket: :roll_eyes: Very exciting and welcomed news…


Great video, Sugarhouse.


From what u can gather here something wrong with the androgen receptor…Sounds like the protein has changed?

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It will be interesting to see the results.

I’m not clued-up on the science … but the focus on androgen receptor would fit in with some pre-existing info about isotretinoin (Accutane). Isotretinoin gives a ‘decrease in skin androgen receptor levels’.

In some ways it is a possible explanation why people have normal T / DHT levels … yet we are experiencing all the symptoms of androgen removal. The hormones are still circulating - but there is nowhere for them to dock …

The researchers even make a link to people born androgen-insensitive, which is part of Dr Hornig’s interest:

‘These observations were consistent with the absence of sebum in complete androgen-insensitive patients and normal sebum production in male pseudohermaphrodites.’

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